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World of Warships: Public Test of the Update 0.8.2 – Round 2

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The Schedule

The second round starts on Thursday 14 March at 17:30 CET (UTC+1) and will end Monday 18 March at 16:30 CET (UTC+1).

You can try out the upcoming update 0.8.2 on the Public Test sever, including “Space Warships Intergalactic Games”! By the way, you will start with level 14 Service Record and will be able to take part in Space Battles almost immediately from the beginning of the test!

In the second stage, we’ve taken into consideration your feedback for the mode “Space Assault” and updated the balancing accordingly.

In other news we are continuing to work on the balancing of aircraft carriers, and in this second stage of Public Test we will be introducing two new mechanics: Nonlinear addition of constant AA damage and changes to the invulnerability ceiling for aircraft that have carried out an attack, though the squadron that a player returns using the F-Key will still return via the higher altitude.

Try these changes, and be among the first to share your impressions with us!


  • Permanent AA damage from several ships added up, which lead to excessive efficiency of any group of ships. To solve this problem, we have implemented a nonlinear system of permanent damage. Overlapping air defense zones will still be effective, but the squadron will have more chances to preserve aircraft. The permanent air defense damage of two or more ships operating in unison will still be greater than that of a single ship, allowing for faster removal of the threat from the air, even though the individual contribution of each ship in the group will be slightly reduced. Later, after the mechanics are balanced, we will publish detailed information about how it works regarding the addition of permanent damage.
  • Along with the change in the mechanics of overlapping air defense zones, we will reduce the invulnerability ceiling for aircraft that have carried out an attack, but the squadron that a player returns using F-Key will still return at a higher altitude. This separation will alleviate the damage taken by out-of-battle attack aircraft, but will still counter the tactics of ‘F-spam’. Currently, the height value for returning aircraft will be 10% lower, which will reduce their losses.
    • Both changes will have a positive impact on the combat effectiveness of aircraft carriers and the exact values will be adjusted according to the test results.
  • To improve the comfort of the game, the cruising speed of aircraft on tier IV carriers has been increased by 10%.
  • Considering player feedback and statistical analysis, changes have been made to the “Space Assault” mode, the task of which is to bring both teams balance and, despite the different tasks, to put in equal conditions:
    • The time allocated for the attack has been increased from 8 to 9 minutes;
    • Values of the constant repair for the defending team have been reduced from 200 to 120 hit points per second, constant reloading of main caliber and TA is reduced from 10% to 4%;
    • The destruction of the force field generator and the loss of an ally, now increases the recovery points of the combat capability of the defender to 60 units/sec instead of 50 and accelerates the cooldown of 3% on even and 4% at odd levels instead of 4% previously;
    • The force field generators have been slightly extended from the sheltered area;
    • The logic of issuing the achievement “Guardian of the Galaxy” has been improved.
  • The changes also affected the mode of “Torpedo Beat”:
    • Zoomed out Torpedo camera for a more convenient view;
    • Disabled notification of torpedo threat from allied torpedoes;
    • Improved visual component in the mode, now the map looks more vibrant and pleasing to play on.
  • Fixed bugs related to Space Warships Intergalactic Games which affected sound and visual effects as well as spaceships characteristics and economy.
  • Fixed bugs related to the interface and Service Record.
  • Fixed bugs affecting voice messages and torpedo warnings.

Mode schedule

Round 1Round 2
Space AssaultMarch 7, 17:00 (UTC) – March 9, 09:00 (UTC)March 14, 17:00 (UTC) – March 16, 09:00 (UTC)
Binary Star and Rings of SaturnMarch 9, 09:00 (UTC) – March 10, 09:00 (UTC)March 16, 09:00 (UTC) – March 17, 09:00 (UTC)
Torpedo BeatMarch 10, 09:00 (UTC) – March 11, 16:00 (UTC)March 17, 09:00 (UTC) – March 18, 16:00 (UTC)

Combat Missions and Rewards

Play one Random or Co-op Battle.

Reward on the live server: three signals of each type, excluding special signals.

Play 3 battles on aircraft carriers in Random or Co-op Battles.

Reward on the live server: ten “Type 6” camouflage patterns.

Complete a combat mission in Space Assault mode.

Reward on the live server: one of each of the following special signals: Scylla, Leviathan, and Basilisk.

Complete combat missions in the Binary Star and Rings of Saturn modes.

Reward on the live server: two of each of the following special signals: Scylla, Leviathan, and Basilisk.

Complete a combat mission in Torpedo Beat mode.

Reward on the live server: five of each of the following special signals: Dragon, Wyvern, Red Dragon, Ouroboros, and Hydra.

Complete all chains of combat missions in the Intergalactic Games modes.

Reward on the live server: 1 Day of Warships Premium Account

Have fun playing this second round!

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