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World of Warships – Public Test 0.5.15

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Hello everyone,

The Public Test will be running from 17 November at 17:30 CET until 28 November at 14:00 CET (UTC+1). The newest update will introduce Campaigns and resurrects Dynamic Divisions.


Check out Campaigns, a feature that is aimed at making the gameplay more diverse and fun for every player out there. Participating in Campaigns will introduce novice players to some important features of the game and will allow experienced players to test their skill and earn valuable rewards in the process!

In brief, a Campaign is a set of special missions which need to be completed successively. Each mission consists of usual and final tasks, which a player can fulfill in battles.

Curious how it all works in-game? Let us break it down for you:

  • For completing usual tasks, you will earn pins. Pins are required to unlock final tasks. A usual task can be completed multiple times and you will get pins everytime you do so.
  • Final tasks conclude a certain mission.
  • A total of two tasks (three if you have Premium Account active) can be active at the same time.
  • There will be some enticing interim rewards for fulfilling certain tasks. Most often the rewards are in the form of signal flags, consumables, credits and so on. These rewards can be received only once.
  • And of course, there will be a big reward awaiting all brave and persistent Captains for completing the entire Campaign!

In the 0.5.15 Public Test, two Campaigns will be available:

  • The Science of Victory –  a long Campaign, aimed at helping beginners to master various subtleties of the game and level up their personal fleet. Using various armaments and upgrades, playing ships of different types, levelling up Commanders, fighting for control of key areas — all these and many other game aspects are gathered into simple tasks to make sure you have fun.
  • Honourable Service – a relatively short but rather complex Campaign, which can be played with high-tier ships. It is mainly aimed at developing personal skills, improving battle performance and teamwork.

Conditions to complete missions on the Public Test server will be much easier for testing purposes. Also, keep in mind that the final rewards in the Public Test will not be the same as on the live server.

Dynamic Divisions

They are back! The Divisions tab is now added to the battle loading screen and the battle statistics. This tab will allow you to create a division, invite players to a division or submit a request to join an existing Division. However, the best thing in all of this is the fact that voice chat in dynamic divisions works exactly the same as for the ordinary ones – focus, cooperate with other players in Cooperative and Random Battles, and win together!


Maps and Locations:

  • Improved the appearance of the Saint Petersburg Port as well as the maps New Dawn and Strait.

Physics Model:

  • Significantly lowered the chance of facing issues such as “jumping” out of the water, twitching of small ships while ramming, rotation of the ship’s wreck and other issues that used to happen to destroyed ships.