World of Warships

World of Warships – Polish Destroyer B?yskawica Available on EU Server

Hello everyone,

Just a heads up for everyone on the EU Server, the Polish Tier VII Premium Destroyer B?yskawica is now available in the shop for two days.

Collector’s Gem: B?yskawica – Ultimate – €29.99

  • Polish Tier VII Premium Destroyer B?yskawica
  • 1 Port Slot
  • 3,150 Doubloons
  • 30 Days Premium Account


  1. The B?YSKAWICA has been available on the EU Server in the Tech Tree since at least Gamescom-weekend – and still is!

    So watch out, this bundle is not as exclusive as they make it sound. However, if you consider what’s inside, the price seems fair to me. However, if you just want the ship with no extras, get it in-game.

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