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World of Warships: New Datamined Unique Upgrades

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Ladies and Gentlemen, these are fresh from the oven but the Unique Upgrades for Petropavlovsk and Manfred von Richthofen were revealed with the live version of Update 12.2.

Let’s have a look at what they bring to the table. As a small disclaimer, I might be missing some of the hidden parameters but I will do my best to have it all covered.

Also, just for a reminder, these upgrades are obviously a work in progress so everything that you read here might change.


The upgrade is taking the 6th slot, the same as Main Battery Modification 3 or Gun Fire Control System Modification 2.


  • +7.5% AP shell damage
  • -7% maximum dispersion
  • -1 charge for every consumables

If you want to see some more numbers, here are graphs of the horizontal and vertical dispersion as well as dispersion plots:

While Petropavlovsk wouldn’t become a sniper from that upgrade, it definitely makes her more dangerous at long range than she was so far. Combined with the improved AP damage that can be further brought up by the skill Heavy AP Shells, she could become a scary cruiser killer. However, the fact that she loses a charge for each consumable is a fairly heavy cost and Nikolay Kuznetsov becomes pretty much mandatory here. It will also force you to be more careful with your engagements becomes of the lack of a 4th Repair Party.

Manfred von Richthofen/Otto Lilienthal

The upgrade is taking the 6th slot, the same as Flight Control Modification 2 or Air Group Modification 2.


  • +5% AP rocket damage
  • +20% Attack Aircraft HP

This upgrade… is pretty bad honestly. In the first place, the German AP rockets are particularly situational as they require citadel hits to rack up damage properly. On top of that, a 5%  increase is a pretty damn low damage boost.
As for the HP increase, while it’s nice for these attack aircraft, in the meantime, the rest gets crippled by the lack of an improved plane speed.


Right now, these two are the only new unique upgrades so it looks like Wargaming will be doing it two by two which… is going to take a while to cover all tier X ships…
As a side note, quick shoutout to the team of WoWs shipbuilder thanks to who I was able to have a detailed look at the changes brought with the live version of Update 12.2!

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