World of Warships

World of Warships: New Clan Content Coming Soon

Wargaming released a single pictured with something that might be coming soon to the game.


Clan Battles could be a reality soon, something players have long asked for. No further details are know yet. Are you excited to see this coming to the game, or are you more of a lone wolf and don’t really care about clans?

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    1. WG will say what they said in a recent Q and A, “World of Tanks Blitz is separate project and that’s why World of Tanks Premium Account doesn’t cover Blitz” just replace blitz with WOWS

      1. Actually that’s different. Blitz has always been announced as a special, separate project, but WoWs was always meant to be joint with the unified account like WoWp was. It just seems like they are putting it off and they have since the failure of WoWp…

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