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World of Warships – New Captain Skill Tree

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Hello everyone,

First of all, please be aware this information was leaked by the Chinese server so take it with a grain of salt. I can’t get confirmation if this is 100% accurate or not, but I’ll update the article if any of this information turns out to be false.

Seems the new Captain skills has been introduced to test, the source claims it’s coming in 0.5.15 but there isn’t any confirmation on this. Confirmed false by Sub_Octavian.

Don’t forget it’s still in test and it’s not guaranteed that will be coming as it is now or any time soon.

Source: SEA Group

*The site is translated using Google Translator and some words might not be correctly translated.
*All values showed are NOT CONFIRMED and subject to change.

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On The Mark

  • Add a counter to Situation Awareness showing the number of enemies aiming at you.


Preventive Maintenance

  • Reduces the risk of module incapacitation
  • -30% chance of module incapacitation


Expert Loader

  • If your guns are all loaded, switch ammunition faster
  • -50% Reload Time of Main Battery


Aircraft Service Expert

  • Increasing the survivability of carrier-based aircraft and shorten the servicing time
  • -10% servicing time of carrier-based aircraft
  • +5% HP of carrier-based aircraft


Fog Expert

  • Increased coverage of the smoke screen
  • +20% radius of smoke



  • Increase the fighter’s load out, and our fighters perform better when fighting against aircraft of higher tier
  • +10% fighter’s DPS per tier difference against aircraft of higher tier
  • +10% fighter’s load out


Incoming Alert

  • Incoming alert upon an enemy firing at you from a distance (shells take more than 6 seconds to land)


Evasive Manoeuvrer

  • Increase survivability, concealment, but reduce speed only when carrier-based attack aircraft is returning to the carrier.
  • -10% to max speed of carrier-based attack aircraft (debuff)
  • -40% detectability of carrier-based attack aircraft
  • +15% survivability of carrier-based attack aircraft


Basic Survivability

  • Reduce the time of fire, flooding and module incapacitation
  • -15% time of fire, flooding and module incapacitation


Jack of All Trades

  • Reduce loading time of all consumables
  • -5% consumables reload time


Expert Marksman

  • Accelerate the rotation speed of ship’s main turrets
  • +2.5 °/sec gun of 139mm (inclusive) and below
  • +0.7 °/sec gun of 140mm (inclusive) calibre and above


Torpedo Acceleration

  • Reduce the torpedo range in exchange for torpedo speed.
  • +5knots torpedo speed
  • -20% torpedo range (debuff)


Two is Better

  • Send an additional catapult plane upon skill activation and increase the cruising speed of catapult planes
  • Send two catapult fighters or spotters per consumable
  • +20% cruising speed


Expert rear gunner

  • Increase the self-defence firepower of carrier-based attack aircraft
  • +10% self-defense DPS of carrier-based attack aircraft


Last Chance

  • Accelerate all weapons’ reloading when ship loses HP
  • -0.1% reloading time of all weapons per 1% HP loss


Last Stand

  • The engine and steering rudder function even when they are incapacitated
  • Allow ship to manoeuvrer when engine or steering gear is incapacitated



  • Reduce the risk of fire
  • -7% risk of fire


High Alert

  • Reduce loading time of damage control party
  • -10% reload time of damage control party


Torpedo Expert

  • Accelerate the loading speed of the torpedo tubes and reduce servicing time of carrier-based torpedo planes
  • -10% torpedo reload time
  • -20% servicing time of carrier-based torpedo planes


Fiery Take-off

  • Aircraft can take-off and land even when flight deck is on fire
  • Allow aircraft to take-off and land when carrier is on fire


Basic Firing Training

  • Increasing the efficiency of small-calibre gun, all secondary guns and AA guns
  • -10% reload time of all secondary guns, and main guns of 139mm (inclusive) calibre and below
  • +20% DPS of AA gun



  • Increase the amount of consumables
  • +1 charge of all consumables


Demolition Expert

  • Increase the probability of fire
  • +3% chance of fire for HE shells and bombs



  • Increased capture range of the torpedoes
  • +25% capture range against torpedoes


Manual Secondary Fire Control

  • Increase the efficiency of the secondary guns, but they only fire at marked target
  • -15% dispersion of secondary guns on tier 1-6 ships
  • -60% dispersion of secondary guns on tier 7-10 ships


Survival Expert

  • Increasing the ship’s HP
  • +400 HP per ship tier


HEAP (High Explosive Armour Piercing)

  • Reduce the chance of fire in exchange for higher penetration
  • -6% chance of fire for main and secondary HE (debuff)
  • +25% penetration for main and secondary HE


Air supremacy

  • Increase the number of aircraft in a squadron
  • +1 plane in each fighter squadron
  • +1 plane in each dive bomber squadron


Advanced Firing Training

  • Increasing the range of small-calibre gun, all secondary guns and AA guns
  • +20% firing range of all secondary guns, and main guns of 139mm (inclusive) calibre and below
  • +20% firing range of AA guns


Manual AA Fire Control

  • Significantly increase the efficiency of large calibre AA guns when firing at marked target
  • +100% DPS of 86mm (inclusive) AA gun and above


Keen Intuition

  • Displays the nearest enemy’s direction
  • Display, only to you, the direction of the nearest enemy (even if they are not spotted)


Concealment Expert

  • Reduce the detectability of ship
  • -16% detectability of aircraft carrier
  • -14% detectability of battleship
  • – 12% detectability of cruiser
  • -10% detectability of destroyer

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