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World of Warships: Musashi in Auction with New Bidding Rules

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Ladies and Gentlemen, something big is coming! As in… a roughly 72 000 tons surprise.

Musashi, the legendary Japanese tier IX premium battleship will soon be available for auction in the armory. Back in the days, the ship was available for one million Free XP or 176 000 coal but was removed down the line because it was… too popular… AHEM… right.

Anyway, the ship was and still is utterly busted at tier IX with the only exception being the anti-air that is nearly useless on her. Otherwise, the guns are just disgusting, and almost feel like you are cheating when top tier and the ship is also incredibly tanky for a tier IX.

If you ever wanted to get Musashi but arrived too late or didn’t get a lucky roll on Christmas boxes, here is one of the best opportunities.

The Auction and its new rule

The Musashi auction will start tomorrow, the 2nd of June at 14:00 CEST and will last for four days.

For now, we don’t know what will be the minimum bid but Wargaming made an absolutely amazing change. During past auctions, if you won, you would simply pay for the bid you went with. Starting with the Musashi auction, you will only pay the smallest winning bid.

For example, Musashi has a minimum bid of 20 000 doubloons (completely arbitrary value that I made up.). You decide to play it safe and bid a grand total of 38 000 doubloons for the ship. However, some 5D chess galaxy brain guy has the idea to bid something like 21 001 doubloons. If the guy wins, not only will he bamboozle those who went with 21 000 doubloons bid but he will also allow you to save a lot of doubloons.
Obviously, the example works the same for any other possible auction for coals or credits

In any case, if you have a few thousand doubloons to spare, don’t hesitate to try your luck on this one. I say doubloons because it is highly unlikely that she will be going for any other resource in my opinion. Also, remember that if you lose, you will recover all the resources of your bid so you don’t risk anything with bidding in an Auction.

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