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World of Warships Mod Policy

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This announcement is designed to shed some light on the situation and put an end to any misunderstanding concerning what our players may and may not use. Popular mods are usually of the kind that deals with cosmetic and audio components of the game and are mostly harmless. However, some players and modders alike do have malicious intent for their use of mods, be it gaining a competitive advantage or even stealing data.

What is allowed

  • Applications that stream gameplay or record it (for example: Nvidia ShadowPlay,, AMD Radeon ReLive, OBS Studio, Windows 10 Game DVR, Fraps).
  • Voice/text chats with overlay (for example: Discord, Mumble, TeamSpeak, Ventrilo, Evolve, Twitch Messenger).
  • Visual mods that change the appearance of game objects without affecting the gameplay (to make sure the mod you want to use is allowed, please consult the appropriate section on the official forums).
  • Modifications to lighting, contrast and other visuals done through the graphics drivers’ (Geforce Experience, AMD Radeon Crimson, Intel graphics drivers) built-in tools, without modifying said drivers or applications that use them.
  • Replacing/modifying audio files.
  • Any mods that are approved by our team. You will be able to find those on our official forums in the “modifications” section:
    This includes any and all mods compiled exclusively with our own mods API (special interface made by our developers for modding). You can find tutorials and use cases for it at: mentioned in posts by our staff on the game’s official portal are also allowed (this rule does not extend to the comment sections!)

What is forbidden and may lead to suspension/blocking of your account

  • Any applications, mods or scripts that allow the execution of third-party code, change the game’s original files, dynamic libraries or interfere with the game process. If you are not sure whether your preferred mod complies with all the rules, please consult the “modifications” section on our official forums or simply refrain from using it.
  • Applications and mods that help a player to aim in any way that is not already available in the game, that includes any predictive aiming mods.
  • Bots or scripts that take any aspect of game controls from the player.
  • Applications and mods that make otherwise unknown information available, except for those mentioned and approved on the official forums or portal.

Gray areas

Since there are so many mods for our game at this point, we are sadly unable to guarantee that it will function correctly if players are using any number of them. Furthermore, seemingly harmless modifications like ReShade, while being cosmetic in nature, work in a way that violates several rules at once (dynamic libraries substitution and control over the rendering process, which allow for an aimbot or a keylogger to be written into the code), therefore being similar to some forbidden mods, that allow those with malicious intent to gain a competitive advantage as well as steal your data in some cases.

Taking all of the above into account, we recommend that you follow these guidelines if you plan to do any modifications to the game and of course use only approved mods, that our team has vetted and verified. And if you’re unsure about any particular modification, simply refrain from using it. Any issues with the game, loss of account or personal data related to mod use will be the player’s responsibility. If the used modifications lead to the player breaking our game rules, we reserve the right to suspend or ban his or her account.

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  1. Before you guys start to ask. Yes. Aslain’s Modpack is fully allowed, it’s posted in mods section that’s one thing, and it’s also confirmed by WG separately (just in case I have screenshot with proof).

  2. Thanks for letting us know 🙂 let me know if you want me to do an article about it so players are fully aware 😀

  3. would a mod that gives a speed readout for the target be acceptable. My argument is that the actual ships could get target speed and took it into account for their systems

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