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World of Warships Loot Box

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Hello everyone,

A Loot Box system has been shown at Gamescom 2016 for World of Warships. Developers would like to implement this system by the end of the current year, but it might only come in the beginning of 2017. Nothing else has been revealed about it, just a short video and how it will possibly work and the box in the video had 7 flags. My personal opinion: the game doesn’t need this at all, neither does World of Tanks. Other games have it and it completely broke the game, where players are more interested in the Loot Box than playing the game itself.

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  1. Sadly loot boxes will end up in a majority of games just for the fact it is an extra source of income and as you said a lot of people become more interested in just opening the boxes so it is probably already a win in their minds.

  2. Going by how other games have done it I would say it could be a pay system where you can only get them through use of money, or it will be utilizing the mission system that is already in the game. Possibly a combination of both as they have done now with the personal reserves. We shall have to wait and see though.

  3. Another game broken pay to win system. Wtf is this? they need more money?

  4. I frigging hate loot boxes. I played Star Trek Online that has such a system, it’s a frigging annoying system.
    You keep getting these while you play but need to buy keys with real money to open them to receive completely random rewards that most of the time suck.
    And every few minutes there is a message spam popping up that tells when somebody won some nice reward from the crates so you can see how easy it is to win as many people seem to be getting the good stuff. Yes be a sucker and throw away your money on RNG rewards.

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