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World of Warships – Let The Holiday Season Start

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Hello everyone,

The latest rant for the EU Server is not on World of Tanks. Surprised? This time it’s World of Warships players that are going mad. I’ve head some riots have started across several European cities… Jokes aside, the players are right about this. Let’s just see iEarlGrey video about it. Don’t forget to subscribe his awesome channel.

The Long Version

The Resume

XueLong started a topic on the official EU forum with a resume of the latest news for those who missed it. He starts by stating the obvious that every worthy player of World of Warships already know: Graf Spee is a free Premium Ship which you can get for free by playing, across all servers.

Now comes the rant: On NA, SEA and RU Servers player got a second set of missions where they can get for free several Tier 6 Warships, unique camouflages and even a German Commander with 10 skill points. But if you are from the EU Region, the RNG Gods do not favour you, because you don’t have access to these missions.

Original Topic on EU Forum

Well, you do have access to the camouflages at least, good right? Not really, because you have to pay an arm and a leg for them. How much? Depends on what you want. If you want a unique Tirpitz Camouflage you have to pay 3,000 Doubloons. Yes, nothing less than €11,78 for a camouflage that other servers can get for free. Just to get an idea on how far this goes, here’s a nice table XueLong put together.

Click for Larger Picture

If you don’t consider the normal warships players can get and just look at the camouflages and port slots, that is a total of 11,500 Doubloons or in other words €40.75! Yes, players from the EU Region are asked to pay that much for something other regions get for free.

Plus they miss a German Captain with 10 Skill Points and a total of 16,800,000 Credits for the warships they will never get for free.

Do I even have to say anything else? I’ve seen Wargaming fails, loads of them, but this seems by far the biggest one. Why are players from just one server forced to pay for something others get for free? Do want to know why? We actually got an answer from Wargaming Staff, Tuccy.

Click for Larger Picture

Ladies, gentlemen, I can see that you are unhappy (well, I can also see why ;)), but just few things to consider here on top of what is in the article:

  • The camouflages/ships are included in other regions in a campaign, that is rather challenging – and tied only to the Graf Spee ownership. While it is possible to get the ship for free during a 4-week campaign, that would leave a precious little time to get the convoys.
  • For EU server, we have decided to enable access to the camouflages as standard Premium camos, directly in the game client – thus giving more players a chance to get them.
  • We decided not to use regular tech tree ships as mission reward.
  • Another change will be the sales themselves – instead of starting with the most expensive package and gradually unlocking others – something we know you do not like too much – we will follow our usual policy and we will be launching all bundles at the same time.
  • We will of course track numbers and follow the feedback and yes, I realize these facts should have been included in the today’s article – the situation would have been clearer I guess.

And just to put a confirmation, yes, if you buy Spee and complete mission, you will get a Credit compensation – as with usual Premium ships (just to clarify – there was no compensation for ARP, but ARP ships are NOT Premium).

Hope this sheds at least some light, now I shall retreat into the foxhole.

So we seem to have a corporate decision just for the EU Region, seems Wargaming EU thought players didn’t want to decide if they wanted all that stuff for free or if they wanted to pay for it… “Let’s make them pay because it’s Christmas and people like to spend money… Why not?”

And with this, I’ll just leave here what the EU Players are thinking of WG EU this Christmas…


P.S.: Let me know your opinion on the comments section.

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15,466 thoughts on “World of Warships – Let The Holiday Season Start

  1. Dumb move. Ceterum censeo, the camo for ships is way too expensive. I have happily painted each and every tank I own – which is nearly all of them, but permanent ship camo is just insanely expensive. Then again, I won’t bother with the marathon.

  2. thanks for bringing that up, i wont give money to wg anymore.

  3. I only found out about the Graf Spee this morning, I logged on and saw the Graf spee campaign, but you had to have the ship from the premium shop to play the missions so i forked out £15 for the ship and played the one battle (which my team won) it then gives you a “New Year camo” scheme and a captain slot and nothing else. So carried on with my other ships.
    WG = profiteers or pirates of the high seas.

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