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World of Warships: King of the Sea X – Europe, New Camouflage and Collection

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Ladies and Gentlemen, the famous tournament King of the Sea will soon return with its 10th edition! For the occasion, Wargaming decided to promote the tournament by bringing an all-new collection as well as an official camouflage!


Information on the tournament

I just have to make something clear first, all the rules listed are for the European server! Other servers might choose to do things differently.

The Format

The 10th King of the Sea will follow the same format as the previous editions.

Battles will be fought at Tier X in a 9vs9 format. The teams will be able to use up to 2 Battleships but Aircraft Carriers will not be allowed.
Outside of carriers, the Puerto Rico will also be banned due to the way she was made available to players. If any tier X ship had to be released during the Update 0.9.2, the said ship would also be banned.

The Maps

The teams taking part to the tournament will happily fight each other on 7 different maps:





Land of Fire




Northern Waters


Tears of the Desert


Crash Zone Alpha


All the maps will be without cyclone and with the standard domination cap layout.

The dates

If you want to take part in the tournament, it is better to know when it’s going to happen so here is, for now, the planned schedule:

7th March, 18:00 CET (UTC+1): Signups open
14th March, 23:59 CET (UTC+1): Signups close

22nd March: Qualifiers
28th March: Group Stage
29th March: 1st Knockout Stage (32 teams), 2nd Knockout Stage (16 teams) and then the Quater-Finals
4th April: Semi-Finals, 3rd Seat and Grand Final
5th April: International Finals against the CIS server

The Tournament Structure

In total, 96 teams will be able to take to the qualifiers and will fight in 16 groups of 6 with a Best of 1 system. The top 3 teams of each group will be able to join the Group Stage.

16 additional teams will be seeded based on the results of the current Clan Battle season. They will directly move to the Group Stage where they will wait for the 48 other teams.
This Group Stage will be divided into groups of 4, fighting in a Best of 3 format and the top 2 of each group will move to the Knockout Stage.

The Prizepool

Compared to the last edition, the prizes are much more interesting and even if your team doesn’t go far in the tournament, you will not go home with empty hands!

PlacementPrizes (per team)
160 000 Doubloons, 60 000 Steel, 300 KOTS camouflages
248 000 Doubloons, 48 000 Steel, 180 KOTS camouflages
330 000 Doubloons, 42 000 Steel, 120 KOTS camouflages
418 000 Doubloons, 36 000 Steel, 60 KOTS camouflages
5 – 815 000 Doubloons, 30 000 Steel, 60 KOTS camouflages
9 – 1612 000 Doubloons, 24 000 Steel, 60 KOTS camouflages
17 – 3212 000 Doubloons
33 – 489 000 Doubloons
49 – 646 000 Doubloons
65 – 804 200 Doubloons
Participation60 KOTS camouflages + 60 Battle Hardened camouflages

The King of the Sea Camouflage

Back in December 2019, Wargaming organized a contest to design an official camouflage for the King of the Sea. With the upcoming edition of the tournament, this camouflage will join the prize pool!



The camouflage gives the standard combat bonuses (-3% surface detection range and +4% maximum dispersion of enemy shells) but it also provides some really juicy economic bonuses: +150% XP gain and +500% Free XP gain.

Not only does the camouflage looks good, but it’s also amazing to farm Free XP.

The King of the Sea Collection

Surprisingly, Wargaming also decided to create a full collection to promote the tournament in the game. The items of the collection will apparently drop in a new kind of crate and in total, there are 16 of them divided into 4 sections.



For now, we don’t know anything about how we will be able to get the new crates, what they will contain or what will be the final collection reward.

Details on the collection items

For those who might be interested, here are separated pictures of the different elements of the collection, datamined with love.


First section:

KOTS Winner
KOTS Waiting
KOTS Dragman
KOTS Bugman

Second section:

KOTS Org boss
KOTS Referee 1
KOTS referee 2
KOTS Streamer

Third section:

KOTS Smoke
KOTS Island
KOTS Detonation

Fourth section:

KOTS Torpedoes
KOTS Hinden
KOTS Henri

This is, for now, everything we know about the tournament. A full set of rules will be available when everything is ready.

I hope that many of you will take part!