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World of Warships – Interview with Artur Plociennik – Digest

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Hello everyone,

Because not everyone can see or likes to see videos, I made the following digest on the main points of the interview.

  • British Light Cruiser line was thought to be different in the game and to introduce a new component in the game. Light Cruisers with small calibre guns, but fast and hight fire rate.
  • British Cruisers will be out by late September or start of October
  • Possible that British Cruisers might be able to fire single torpedoes, and this will be unique to British Navy
  • For now, the Single Torpedo feature would be just for British Cruisers, if proven to work and that the players like, might be introduced to other nations cruisers.
  • Artur is scared to introduce this to Destroyers because that it would most probably require a massive rebalance.
  • WG isn’t happy with the dynamics of high tier battles. Is not as dynamic as mid tier, so it’s not fun for players. There’s a few things WG would like to do, there’s a lot of brain storming with a huge list of ideas to improve high tiers battles. Some things don’t make it to production, others do.
  • Artur himself is not a fan on how it is now, he believes it needs more polishing.
  • Environmental components are being worked on and other things that can be interacted with will have different affects to gameplay, he hopes that these new things will bring more diversity to the battles.
  • Stott says players are asking if they can get the new Bastion mode more times, because a lot of them claim they only got it a couple of times and they can’t get a fell of how this mode is. Artur says this is intentional, they know that Bastion mode is not for everybody, it’s for now it’s just for WG collect some date from people playing it. Later in the future it might be more common when they know its balanced to what they expect it to be. Also there is a possibility to get it as an option in the drop down menu but Artur is not a fan of this.
  • Artur says that at Gamescom players asked when they will be more carriers introduced in the game, because the players who play them the most, already got all of them or almost all of them. British will be most probably be the next nation to get Carriers, but not any time soon.
  • German and Russian nations most probably won’t get a Carrier Tree introduced, because of lack of material to build these trees.
  • Wargaming doesn’t want to introduce two full lines of project ships, another reason for not introducing German and Russian Carrier trees.
  • As far Premium Carriers, reason there aren’t any more released its because it wasn’t planned. Wargaming didn’t though Premium Carriers wouldn’t be popular, specially because on how carrier gameplay is at the moment. Wargaming was surprised that Saipan got so popular.
  • There are Premium Carriers planned to be introduced next year.
  • Artur doesn’t see big changes on carriers balancing in the future. High Tier American fighters might be balanced, but Artur is not sure what they will do after that. It’s a step by step changes, WG doesn’t want to make players unhappy or irritated with the changes.
  • Artur doesn’t think they should be doing stupid mistakes with quick changes. He believes its good that World of Warships team reacts quickly to problems, but he doesn’t it to be too fast and resulting in errors.