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World of Warships – IJN Tech Tree Split Details

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Hello everyone,

Good news for those we have the IJN Destroyer line researched. Tuccy, WG Staff Community, has shared on the official forums what will happen when the upcoming IJN split is implemented.

Source: World of Warships Official Forum

  • You keep the tier – and get some goodies on top depending on what you already have.
  • If you have a ship that is being moved in your port, you get both the ship in her new tier and her replacement.
  • All upgrades, camouflages etc. will be removed for free and put into storage.
  • If you have a permanent camouflage on that ship, you will get permanent camouflages both for the ship in her new tier and for her replacement.
  • Example: You have Hatsuharu (VII) with permanent camo. After patch, you will have Hatsuharu (VI) and Akatsuki (VII), both with respective permanent camo.