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World of Warships – IJN DD Line Rebalance

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Hello everyone,

The current IJN DD line will be rebalanced to be a universal line with the new DD being focused on artillery according to Sub_Octavian on the RU Forum.

Source: World of Warships Russian Forum

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According to Sub_Octavian:

“It’s assumed that two types of gameplay will be formed:

  • Universal Ships, unobstructive, targeted at both using main guns and torpedoes
  • More “artillery” variants, with less torpedoes.

The current “ninja” gameplay style will therefore change. But this is preliminary information the branch, in the near future, still has to go to Supertest.”

So, it seems the introduction of the new Japanese Destroyers has one big rebalance objective. I wonder if this proves to work, or not, if Wargaming will be rebalancing all destroyer lines…

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15,466 thoughts on “World of Warships – IJN DD Line Rebalance

  1. I like the stealth torp playstyle. It seems like a poor decision to remove a playstyle option from the game and just make the IJN destroyers similar to all other destroyers.

  2. Too many battleship captains complaining about too many ninja torpedo attacks. “You sunk my battleship!!!”

  3. Yah because there is nothing more fun than to be engaging another ship only to detect 8 torps fired from 20km out and if you turn to try and dodge your going to get smashed for broadside derpism.
    Bad enough when DD torp spam from 8-10k out and you still cant se them to shoot at them…but in real life that wasnt the case. Go game play balance…yay so fun.
    Torps should have an ammo limit to keep idiots from spamming blindly!!

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