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World of Warships – HMS Hood – Tier VII British Battleship

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Hello everyone,

Today Wargaming has announced another ship coming to the game, this time the HMS Hood, a Tier VII British Battleship that needs no introduction.

HMS Hood Pictures

15,466 thoughts on “World of Warships – HMS Hood – Tier VII British Battleship

  1. Might not be premium, remember these pictures are just to announce an upcoming ship, no details if it’s Premium or not.

  2. I noticed rocket launcers as part of the AA suite….interesting.

  3. I’m pretty sure KGV will be tier 7 on the regular line, with Vanguard at tier 8.

  4. If Hood IS a premium, it will most likely be her never built sistership, HMS Admiral

  5. The tier VII will be the Nelson-cl***, would like to see 2 lines (not complete of course) of british BBs coming the same patch. Because I would like to play KGV at tier VII too, but Nelson is the closest ship with those characteristics (slow ships using 16 inch guns, or fast ships with 15 inch guns)

  6. HMS Admiral isn’t a sister ship or a planned ship but the planned sister ships of HMS Hood (Named after Samuel Hood) are named after admirals. Specifically, these planned Admiral cl*** ships would be named Anson, Howe and Rodney. These three sister ships of Hood were cancelled because the work and resources were used to build higher priority ships (Merchant ships and other needed ships). Sources for this info: Wikipedia

  7. Hood isn’t a Battleship. It is actually a Battlecruiser. The difference is that battlecruisers have less armor but higher speed than big heavily armoured battleships.

  8. Hood is a battlecruiser only in name. Belt armor goes as high as 12 inches on her. She’s basically overall just an overgrown Queen Elizibeth in terms of performance and specifications. When she was fielded in WW2, her placement in a battlecruiser squadron was due to her old age. It got her dubbed as a battlecruiser, as well, but she’s better described as an early fast battleship.

  9. I’m glad she’s at T7. No Yamatos and no crappy matchmaking.

    Seventh tier is best tier.

    Last I played, at least.

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