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World of Warships – HMS Hood Stats Updated

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Hello everyone,

HMS Hood, upcoming Tier VII British Premium Battleship got a few stats changed. I already have this ship to test, but it’s one of these “I’m not really sure how to work it out…” ships, and other Community Contributors have been saying the same.

Main Changes

  • Main Battery Firing Range changed from 17,57km to 18,57km;
  • Rudder shift time changed from 20.62 to 17.5;
  • 381mm AP ricochet angle changed to 60º/67.5º;


Other Changes

  • Hood can heal 60% of penetration damage except citadel hits. However, it does not increase the total amount of HP healed (14%) per consumable.
  • Hood’s Dual-purpose guns and medium-caliber AA guns no longer benefit from Defensive AA Fire consumable.
  • Hood 178mm rocket launcher only have 1.5 km firing range, but you can enjoy the buff from on large-caliber anti-aircraft guns and air defense skills.
  • Hood’s damage control, which is a general Battleship’s damage control for 15 seconds, is different from Warspite’s damage control; her Repair party consumable is also a general one, which means it couldn’t act like a Warspite’s repair party that can recover extra HP.

Source: SEA Group