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World of Warships – Halloween Mode – Saving Transylvania

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Hello everyone,

The Halloween Mode is here for you to enjoy. Details are for Asia and NA Servers, no dates yet for EU Server, I’ll update the article when more information is out.

Asia Server

Event Start: 27/10/2016
Event End: 10/11/2016

NA Server

Starts: October 26 at 04:20 PT / 07:20 ET
Ends: November 9 at 04:20 PT / 07:20 ET

“Saving Transylvania” Mode

In Saving Transylvania, you control one of three otherworldly warships: the destroyer Blade, the battleship Jackal, and the cruiser Igor. Together, they must escort the Transylvania to the arcane portal that brings them all to safety. Unfortunately, they’ll have to fend off Zikasa battleships and hellfire-slinging catapults led by the mysterious Rasputin,  determined to destroy the Transylvania and her escorts!

The goal is simple: Get Transylvania to the portal before she’s destroyed!

Transylvania awaiting her escorts.

A sinister foe blocks the portal home.

All successful escorts get this sweet medal! 


Accessing “Saving Transylvania”
As long as the “Saving Transylvania” event is active, Blade, Jackal, and Igor will be selectable from your Port. Selecting any one of these ships and clicking “Battle!” will put you in the queue for a “Saving Transylvania” battle!

As you escort the Transylvania, you’ll have three missions you can complete for rewards.

  • Mission: Deal 10,000 damage, Reward: 30,000 Credits
  • Mission: Deal 100,000 damage, Reward: 100,000 Credits
  • Mission: Destroy 2 ZikasasReward: 70,000 Credits

On top of the above missions, everyone on the team gets 100 Free XP for each of the following additional achievements:

  • Transylvania reaches the portal with 50% HP or greater.
  • Destroy at least 16 Zikasas. 
  • Suppress all catapults on the map.
  • Transylvania reaches the portal without stopping.
  • Destroy Rasputin


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