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World of Warships: Halloween Lootbox Giveaway

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Halloween is here and what more do we need? Lootboxes of course, and if they are free even better! Because you are all special, Wargaming has sent me not one, not ten, but ONE THOUSAND CODES to giveaway to any player from the European region.

Yes, you read it right, its 1,000 codes to be used by you and easy to get! Unfortunately, I was only given codes for the European region, if you are from any other region these codes won’t work for you and I’m very sorry for that.

What’s inside?

You’ve got a chance of scoring one of the following:

  • 15 x “Halloween” camo 
  • 15 x “Halloween 2016” camo 
  • 20,000 Free XP 
  • 1,500,000 Credits 
  • 75 x Sierra Mike Signals 
  • 75 x India Delta Signals 
  • 75 x India X-Ray Signals 
  • 15 x Storm Wind Camo 
  • 15 x Blue Lagoon Camo 
  • A rare Halloween permanent Camo!

New Rare Permanent Camouflages

How to participate?

That’s the easiest part! Just click on the bellow image, enter your email and you will receive one key. This giveaway will be based on first come, first served! So make it quick and get your key before they run out!

Click this image to enter the giveaway!
Note: Check your Spam Inbox if you haven’t received the email!

UPDATE – 19:38PM (GMT)

There has been a problem with the giveaway, and some keys were marked as “Not Given” even after they were sent to participants. I can’t see what keys were given or have this problem and some of you might receive a key already used.

I’m sorry everyone, but this is outside my control and was a problem caused by the website itself. There are still about 300 keys free at the time I wrote this so they will be given away to someone.

UPDATE – 23:07PM (GMT)

All keys were now given away! Thank you everyone who participated!

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15,466 thoughts on “World of Warships: Halloween Lootbox Giveaway

  1. sry mate i tried it now 3 times. 3 different codes … no one works. iam feeling sad. i know its not your fault … i think i go to bed now :(.

  2. Got two keys on two emails and both failed to work, rip hopes and dreams.

  3. I’m really sorry for that! 🙁 I’ve got a reply back from them, and they can see something went wrong, but can’t do anything about it.

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