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World of Warships Giveaways

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World of Warships International – Facebook Group Giveaway

Some of you might already know World of Tanks International Facebook group, but if you’re a World of Warships fan, you can now join the new group created by the same team: World of Warships International.

The group has the same objective: gather as many players from across all server so they can interact, share their best battles, help other players and so much more.

To celebrate the creation of the group they are currently doing a small giveaway of 30 Days Premium Account for two lucky winners! All you have to do is:

  1. Have an account in one of the following regions: EU, APAC, NA
  2. Join World of Warships International
  3. Register in the official Giveaway page

WizzDCast Birthday Giveaway

Today, 4th of April 2018, you can get your hands on a few really goodies for World of Warships. How do you do that? Easy, join WizzDCast stream tonight at 20:00 CEST has he will be giving away:

  • x2 Code for Emden + Port Slot + 7 Days Premium + 100x MGT-20 Camouflage (EU Region)
  • x2 Code for Admiral Graf Spee + Port Slot (EU Region)
  • x1 VIP Code for Tirpitz + Atlanta + 2x Port Slot + 5,500 Doubloons + 30 Day Premium + 100x Restless Fire camos + Restless Fire Flag (All Regions)

Can’t join the stream? You can still get your hands on a second VIP code that WizzDCast is giving away by entering his other giveaway on Gleam. Both VIP codes work on any server, so if you are from EU, NA, APAC or CIS you can enter and get your hands on an amazing prize! But be quick, there are only a few hours left!

15,466 thoughts on “World of Warships Giveaways

  1. so much bloatware needed to enter a giveaway… subs and need to follow streamers..
    Not worth the effort for 30 day Premium.. I have 704 days left…. So the incentive to do the giveaway is low.

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