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World of Warships – German Carrier Line Proposal by Waib?n

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Hello everyone,

I’ll like to thank Waib?n for sending this to me so I can share it with everyone. He is currently working on a German Carrier Line proposal and it’s quite interesting. I’m no expert in the area, so I’ll leave this to him and you guys to give him some feedback.

Waib?n: After reviewed some German carrier blueprints, I have a theory that KMS carriers will get less aircraft’s than USN and IJN counterparts. Less but Powerful and Harsh gameplay, It can be deadly if used by experienced CV players. For Battlecarriers, i think it is possible for WG to put it inside the game (If they runs out of paper ships/blueprints). 2 switch modes, Battle (Using guns and fight like a Battleship) and Carrier (Controlling the planes).

German Main CV Line

  • Tier X Project C
  • Tier IX Europa
  • Tier VIII Project B
  • Tier VII Project A / Graf Zeppelin
  • Tier VI Figure III
  • Tier V Figure IV
  • Tier IV Figure V

German Battlecarrier Line (Alternate)

  • Tier X Flugzeugkreuzer III
  • Tier IX Flugzeugkreuzer IV
  • Tier VIII Flugzeugkreuzer IIa
  • Tier VII Flugzeugkreuzer II
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15,466 thoughts on “World of Warships – German Carrier Line Proposal by Waib?n

  1. Ok this guy has to be pretening…
    We still dont have british dds, british bbs, british cvs,french bbs, french dds, u.s cruiser split, russian bbs, italian dds, italian bbs and cruisers and you ask for this?
    Expect the german carriers to come late 2020s close to the first lounch of the mars first man colony.
    Besides, what planes could these carriers use? I dont think using stukas from fier 4 to tier 10 is really a good option.
    Also battlecarrier? Ok ok, now i get it hes just pretending, for a moment i thought this peoposal was serius :^).

  2. “Besides, what planes could these carriers use? I dont think using stukas from fier 4 to tier 10 is really a good option”.
    Fw 190 F-8 – Based on the A-8 Fighter, having a slightly modified injector on the compressor which allowed for increased performance at lower altitudes for several minutes. Armament of the Fw 190 F-8 was two 20 mm MG 151/20 cannon in the wing roots and two 13 mm (.51 in) MG 131 machine guns above the engine. It was outfited with an ETC 501 Bomb rack as centerline mount and four ETC 50 bomb racks as underwing mounts.
    Fw 190 F-8/U1 — long range JaBo, fitted with underwing V.Mtt-Schloß shackles to hold two of the Luftwaffe’s standardized 300 L (80 US gal) drop tanks. ETC 503 bomb racks were also fitted, allowing the Fw 190 F-8/U1 to carry one SC 250 bomb under each wing and one SC 250 bomb on the centreline.
    Fw 190 F-8/U2 — prototype torpedo bomber, fitted with an ETC 503 bomb rack under each wing and a centre-line mounted ETC 504. The U2 was also equipped with the TSA 2 A weapons sighting system that improved the U2’s ability to attack seaborne targets with a 700 kg (1,500 lb) BT 700.[43]
    Fw 190 F-8/U3 — heavy torpedo bomber was outfitted with an ETC 502, which allowed it to carry one BT-1400 heavy torpedo (1,400 kg (3,100 lb)). Owing to the size of the torpedo, the U3’s tail gear needed to be lengthened. The U3 also was fitted with the 2,000 PS BMW 801S engine, and the tail from the Ta 152

  3. i don’t see how the battle would work, those high tier blueprints are closer to sketches than blueprints, with problematic core designs..

    But the Graf Zeppelin it’s supposed to be released as premium, the devs promised ! That would be interesting .

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