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World of Warships – French Cruisers Incoming

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Hello everyone,

The French Cruisers are coming very soon to the game! Today Wargaming has announced the first French branch that would be introduced in the game would the Cruisers. Here’s what’s is coming to the game.

Source: World of Warships French Facebook

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Expect more details later today and most probably initial stats after the release of 0.6.2. No expected date when these will come to the game, I’ll post as soon as the information is out.

French Cruisers

  • Tier I: Bouganville
  • Tier II: Jurien de la Graviere
  • Tier III: Friant
  • Tier IV: Duguay-Trouin
  • Tier V: Emile Bertin
  • Tier VI: La Galissonniere
  • Tier VII: Algerie
  • Tier VIII: Charles Martel
  • Tier IX: Saint Louis
  • Tier X: Henry IV

15,466 thoughts on “World of Warships – French Cruisers Incoming

  1. The larger image link doesn’t quite work as intended I think 😉

  2. when we become a tree it is for play and for to dream what is the dream in the french tree ? where are the particularitys of this ships ? the Emile Bertin original was a minelayer with mines and smoke he could be the terror ! but he lost that for only 4 bofors ? the la Galissonnière had 4 torpédo seaplanes, please try to respect the history the Emile Bertin lost torpédo and seaplanes and mines for 24 bofors and 20 HS404 20 Mmm AA and radar her shoud be better ! maybe the hull .

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