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World of Warships – Fate of ARP Ships

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Hello everyone,

Thanks to Babykim for translating and sharing some information from the Russian Server. Developer kindly has posted on the Russian Forums:

“It will not be possible to obtain the ARP ships after 2016, and the Yokosuka port will not be available in the client. All ships available to the player will remain in port, selectable using a carousel filter. The filter will function as the Yokosuka port, i.e. selecting would allow the player seeing the ARP camouflage and effects in port as well as in battle, unselecting the filter will hide the ships in port and give them historical appearance in battle.”


Today a mission has started for the NA and SEA Regions and it will be the last opportunity to get these ships. Unfortunately seems the EU Region has been left out. If more information is released, I’ll update the article accordingly.

Update #1- 10:35

Completely missed that EU Region already had the ARP Missions going since the beginning of November.

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  1. “Unfortunately seems the EU Region has been left out.”

    EU missions have been already running for like a month?

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