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World of Warships Event: Dynamo – Dunkirk Evacuation

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Highly anticipated event is coming to World of Warships: Dynamo. The event name is exactly the same codename for Dunkirk evacuation operation. The scneario will require seven Tier IV to Tier VI Destroyers, players will not be able to use Aircraft Carriers, Battleships or Cruisers. Thanks to our friends from SEA Group for data mining the information and sharing it with us.

Please note the following information is from Supertest Server and it’s subject to changes before the final version is released.


Main objective will be to escort smaller ships to the south area of the map, in order to rescue British soldiers trapped in Dunkerque. After, players will need to escort these ships back through a minefield under the assault of German artillery, torpedo boats and aircraft’s.

In the entire scenario, both Germans and Brits will send large waves of aircraft. Luftwaffe have Bf 109, Bf 110, He 111, and Ju 87, while RAF have Hurricane Mk1, Paul Defiant, and Hudson aircraft’s.

Luftwaffe have unlimited plane reserve and can send 12 fighters, 24 dive bombers and 3 torpedo bombers at once. Players have the opportunity to counter it with a successful completion of secondary tasks, and reduce that number to 4 fighters, 8 dive bombers and 18 torpedo bombers.

Survivability of all aircraft are adjusted so that a tight group of destroyers can fight off them. On the other hand, if an enemy aircraft manage to make a drop they are extremely accurate dive bombing, with 10,000 damage and 40 knots plus torpedoes.

In term of game mechanic, mines are stationary torpedoes, but they have better concealment and each deal 14,400 damage, a lower tier destroyer might be destroyed in one hit, if struck by a mine. German Scnellboot is a small boat that launches 2 torpedoes at once, but it doesn’t have a main gun. However, they have three AA guns to kill allied aircraft’s.



Dunkirk Achievement


Dunkerque’s Permanent Camouflage


Legendary British Commander


The Legendary British Commander increases 30% Smoke Radius, Jack of All Trades reduces 10% to all consumables reload time, Marksman increases the rotation speed of small-calibre guns by 3º/sec and large-calibre guns by 1º/sec.



15,466 thoughts on “World of Warships Event: Dynamo – Dunkirk Evacuation

  1. Omg. Sounds great.
    I’ll rush the T6 US DD to get it ready for the mission.

  2. A small correction : “Main objective will be to escort smaller ships to the south area of the map, in order to rescue British and FRENCH soldiers trapped in Dunkerque”
    Dynamo was not a “British-only” stuff (even though it was an evac operation ordered by the British without warning their Belgian and French allies…)
    For several days, dozens of thousands French and Belgian soldiers held the Germans off, acting as rearguard.
    Around 40.000 of them would be left on the beaches. Let’s not forget them.

  3. Pity no reward ship (even Campbeltown would’ve sufficed imho), but wth it’s only a PvE event.

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