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World of Warships: Error on the radar of the Montpelier and Wichita

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Ladies and Gentlemen, recently, I shared my opinion about the Premium Tier VIII U.S. cruiser Montpelier. My conclusion was that she was a very strong ship especially with her special radar with 10 km of range.

The thing is that, when I first saw that datamined change, I felt like something was off as Wargaming recently nerfed the radar of Seattle and Worcester so that these 2 ships couldn’t have a shorter detection range than their radar range. To be sure that it was intended, I directly asked Wargaming and the answer I received was that the ship was indeed final, everything was ok.

I decided to write the review (here), published it and everything was good. And then, yesterday evening, I saw this message:

3D Preview


Due to a technical error In update 0.8.3, the Radar range of USN premium cruisers Montpelier and Wichita changed to 10 km instead of correct and the intended 9 km. This will be fixed in update 0.8.4, as we specifically reworked all Radar ranges for all ships to be systematic, and would like to avoid any inconsistencies. We’re absolutely sure that it will not significantly affect Montpelier’s combat capabilities and Wichita was originally released with the correct range.

We value your trust in us above all and want to own up to our mistakes. Thus, all purchases with Montpelier and Wichita in Premium shop made after update 0.8.3 and until till 23:59 UTC, 3rd of May can be fully refunded. This refund will be available until 23:59 UTC 31st of May; to claim it, please file a ticket to Customer Support.

We apologize for any possible inconvenience and thank you for your patience.

With Regards, WoWS Team

This means that, in the end, the Montpelier isn’t a stronger Cleveland like I advertised in my review. Instead, it’s a clone of Cleveland with a bit of extra flavor and a tiny bit weaker.

Thankfully, for those that, in the end, don’t want the ship as it will be after being “debugged”, a refund is available because sorry but saying “We’re absolutely sure that it will not significantly affect Montpelier’s combat capabilities” is wrong. With the 10 km radar, she could use it from stealth without issue and any destroyer that would spot her would be 700 m deep inside her radar. With the change, there will instead be a 300 m buffer zone between her concealment and her radar range. If this isn’t a significant change, I’m not sure what it’s supposed to be.

Then again, let’s be honest, stealth radar in the U.S. ships is not a good thing at all (and also on the British cruisers but well…) so the fact that they fix that is good.

Now, on a brighter note, we will be holding soon a giveaway for both the Montpelier and the Yukikaze on our Discord server. Don’t forget to join our Discord as the giveaways are all organized there.

Thank you for your attention and on this, have a nice day!

15,466 thoughts on “World of Warships: Error on the radar of the Montpelier and Wichita

  1. Bought one (***uming too that it had 10km range), saw the change and directly opened a refund ticket.

    To me with only the minor changes (more sigma for worse reload) it ain’t worth keeping given that I still have my cleveland sitting in port with a 19pt captain (for atlanta) and the premium camo (bought that one when she was still a t6 ship).

    Dunno what WG thinks the selling point for this ship nowadays is and I’m saying that as s.o who also plays AL on his phone to kill time during commuting (tram & bus…).

    The unified radar range argument is totally bull, given the radar range of Salem, Missouri and Atlanta…

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