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TDB Home » World of Warships – Digest by Getfun – 23/09/2016

World of Warships – Digest by Getfun – 23/09/2016

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Hello everyone,

Thanks to Babykim for translating the digest by get from the Russian source.

New RN Cruisers

  • All cruisers, expect tier 5, have AP only.
  • (nerf) Their alpha damage is lowered initially 3200, to:
    • 1400 till tier 4
    • 1500 on tiers 5 to 8
    • 1600 on tier 9 to 10.
  • (buff) When a RN cruiser AP shell hits anywhere except the citadel, its damage will be 1/2, instead of the usual 1/6.
  • (nerf) There will be no smoke consumable.
  • (buff) The will be an improved Engine Boost, that increases the speed by 15 percent, instead of the usual 8 percent. The improved boost takes the fighter slot. This allows simultaneously taking Damage Control Party, Hydroacoustic Search and the (improved) Engine Boost consumables.
  • There is still no Defensive AA Fire consumable.
  • Most other parameters, such as turret rotation speed, rate of fire and the AA auras remain the same.
  • The premium HMS Belfast will remain an HE spammer, with AP as an option, and will retain the Radar.
  • (nerf) All ships up to tier 7 will lose the Radar.
  • (buff) All ships of tiers 8 and 10 will get the improved Repair Party, which restores 2912 hit points per second. This healing speed is thus quicker than of other tier 9 and 10 ships. The improved Repair Party is more effective in terms of the percentage of lost hit points that can be restored per second. Normally the Repair Party restores 0.5 percent (HMS Warspite 0.6 percent) of maximum hit points per second. On the RM cruisers this parameter will be buffed to 8 percent per second.
  • However, despite all the above buffs, the rumour is that the RN cruisers are still not very competitive, and perhaps therefore are far from release.

New Rank Battle Season

The season will commence shortly after the release of 0.5.12. It will be on tiers 6 to 8, 23 ranks and more irrevocable ranks. Some maps will be removed, while other added.

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  1. Are they insane? Removing HE and making the damage laughable even by destroyer standards?! That is just baffling

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