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World of Warships Developers Q&A

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A small World of Warships Q&A with Wellone, conducted at Lesta Studios. Please bear in mind this was translated from Russian and there might be some errors.

  • For this moment work of matchmaker is fine for us. It is fairer than tanks. But we can do some updates for him. Not announcement, just desires!
  • Elimination of situations where ships of low tiers fall “on the surrender” in battles with the tiers above. This is not the right situation and I would like to see the situation when in the top 2-4 ships, and low tiers of at least 4 pieces. So that everyone in the battle had antagonists with which he could kill.
  • Elimination of the problem “by 1-2-3”. This is when players from one Clan go into battle on the score and fall into the same fight. I do not say that there are many such cases, but when they happen this clearly can bring discomfort. In the future, we plan to avoid such a situation. If players from the same clan push the button “into battle” without being in the unit – they will throw in different fights.
  • Four DD limit. This is not a strict restriction, and if there are destroyers waiting in the queue for too long – this restriction will be discarded. But in the total mass of battles with 5+ DD will be much less.
  • Nation and Tier balance. We always have nation rules, but we want to add Tier rules to it also.
  • There are no plans to +1/-1 MM. Each ship can kill other. Nagato has more chances to kill Ibuki than to die.
  • But class balance will be improved. Rock-Paper-Scissors in each battle.
  • AP penetration without damage will be fixed. Such situations when some shell pierces the anti-torpedo bulb (and there is no XP), it reaches the main armoured field and there is no more penetration on it.
  • There are no plans to introduce operation for Tiers 2-4. But in the future, its likely to be added.
  • There is no imbalance between teams when one gets 3 hydro/radar and other gets 1 on 0. Statistics say that the odds of 50 to 50.
  • On some maps, there are some points where the ship can park without the chances of leaving. This problem is not systematic. If you have a case like this, take a screenshot and use the bug report. Such “parking spaces”, as soon as the information on them reaches the development, are corrected. Official position – there should be no places on the map where you are stuck without the right to return to battle.
Source: Wargaming

15,466 thoughts on “World of Warships Developers Q&A

  1. Good to hear that they are doing something about having multiple divisions from one clan (doesn’t matter which side they end up) in one battle. Never liked this kind of BS when people where trying to impact their chance of winning by trying to get into the same battle.

    Even had some situations where I was on a Team with 6 people from one clan and they SUCKED all together. Playing like the standard coward morron Lemmings that we all know.

  2. the whole point in being in a clan is to fight as a clan, sinc dropping is the only way as of now to do this, WG needs to allow a clan to fight as a clan,

  3. wanna see less destroyers per game? simple, make cruisers better and more appealing
    also removing sync drop is absolutely ******ed, wg downgrading the game more and more after each update

  4. “Yes, WG needs to allow 2 sets of 3-Man divisions from the same clan to fight together.”

    I’ve been on the opposing side of this setup and can say from experience that it is the most BS thing to be against. Most clans have discord, teamspeak etc., you name it. Just because your clan wants to fight together, doesn’t mean that the 12 players on the red team deserve to be crushed by, essentially, a 6-man coordinated division.

    “But your team can be equally coordinated”

    -I believe most players would be hard pressed to say that on average, their team is orderly and has a plan for every game. Now there are always exceptions, but there is simply no equivalent to double clan division on one side.

    I understand that Clan Wars is unavailable to some due to timing issues, but allowing Clans to obliterate and heavily effect the outcome of a random battle is not the solution.

    Granted, if we’re talking about being on opposing teams, I see no issue with that.

  5. Synch dropping shoul be allowed, either that or bring back team battles or a que for 6 player drops. There is nothing wrong with team work. For those that worry about seeing so many of the same clan in the same battle, that is an advantage of being in a clan to begin with. If you feel that you would like more team play, then join one. Do not critize something that you have no experience in.

  6. There is nothing wrong with team work, you’re right there. The issue arises when the balance of the game comes into consideration. While this may be an extreme case, there’s no ignoring that 6 players from the same clan ‘Have the ability’ to give their side an added advantage, through means by which clans are able to communicate. (In comparison to your random team).

    There are advantages of being in a clan, whether it be CW participation rewards or reduction of post-battle costs. Teaming up with fellow clan mates? sure. Allowing the ability for 6 clan members to drop in a random queue and play on the same side? – That’s not a benefit — that’s exploiting the system, It’s not exclusive to clans either, but clans are an easily identifiable culprit. Clans are also about to receive the ability to obtain a Stalingrad — Another benefit. The benefit of a clan however, should not outright determine the result of a battle.

    Again, seeing members of the same clan in a battle isn’t an issue. 2 guys who by chance land in the same queue? Allowing for 6 man division queues? Provided they’re being matched by another 6 man division? No worries. Sync dropping with a coordinated 6-ship division with synergy between ships? That’s an issue.

    The issue isn’t directly with ‘team play’, it’s with the fact that there’s no direct equivalent to a 6 man division, except another 6 man division

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