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World of Warships – Developer Q&A III

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Hello everyone,

Small Developer Q&A from World of Warships Portal.

Q: With carrier improvements coming this year, will we see a UK carrier branch or changes to the US tree?

A: We can’t say anything about new tech trees yet. Just know that that carrier tweaks are currently in Supertest. We’re shooting to make carrier gameplay more streamlined so squadron management is more intuitive.

Q: Is it too late to change the tier of Season 6 of Ranked Battles? Lots of us are concerned about the power gap between Premium and tech tree ships at tier VII. 

A: We don’t have plans to change it this season and don’t consider Premiums of that tier to have any major advantage. Look at Belfast vs. Fiji, for example. Belfast has radar and regular HE shells, but Fiji has Repair Party and Torpedoes. Scharnhorst and Gneisenau have different guns, and Leningrad and Kiev are two completely differing destroyers.

The challenge is adjusting play style to the ship’s strengths. Of course Belfast will seem stronger if you try to play Fiji with the same playstyle. The ships themselves aren’t the issue.

Q: Are there plans to have gun trajectory affected by waves and rough waters?

A: No. We don’t plan on adding more “random factors” to gameplay. It’s unnecessary.

Q: Two words: Night fights! A special mode in darkness using search lights would be nice..

A: We don’t have any current plans for such a mode. There are already cyclones in the game to mimic a “limited visibility” mode.

Q: Are the four ship classes set in stone, or is there a possibility of new classes being added?

A: The four core classes aren’t going anywhere but, as you’ve likely seen with Japanese destroyers and incoming Soviet destroyers, we’re including “subclasses” by introducing splits in the tech tree.

Q: Why doesn’t the 2nd turret on Z-46 turn 360 degrees, despite lack of obstruction?

A: The Z-46 didn’t have a fully rotating turret due to the limits of its power supply.

Q: In real life, warships could fire guns individually. Will this be possible in the game?

A: We don’t have plans for this. It would add unnecessary complications to the gameplay.

Q: Will there be a change to fire probability? Fires do a lot of damage and with up to four fires burning simultaneously, this can quickly add up.

A: No plans currently. Setting fires is the main way lighter ships deal with big battleships. If fires are a recurring problem for you, try getting the “Fire Prevention” Skill for your ship’s commander along with other survivability skills and ship modifications.

Q: Why does the Mogami’s 155mm turret have the same rotation speed of battleship guns?

A: Some design decisions are for balance purposes. In this case, we want upgraded ship modules to be better than the base ones, so Mogami’s 155mm turret is designed accordingly.

Q: Can you give the URL guy a raise?

A: Of course! We’ve already sent him a bear and three balalaikas from Russia!

Q: Will we ever get a “Nation vs. Nation” option (e.g., Japanese player ships vs. bots in US ships) for co-op play?

A: We are working on a co-operative mode, but can’t give too many details yet. The first version of co-op won’t be focused on nation vs. nation, but we might go in this direction with future releases.