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World of Warships – Developer Diaries: 2017 Plans

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Hello everyone,

Wargaming published a Developer Diaries video with their 2017 plans for World of Warships. For the ones who can’t see the video, I’ve made a resume just bellow.



  • Wargaming is planning to add new branches for Great Britain;
  • Two new French branches will be coming in 2017;
  • There are almost 50 new planned ships in production;
  • Soviet Destroyers will be changed into two branches: Destroyer leaders and Artillery Destroyers
  • Legendary Commanders will be introduced in the game, Steven Seagal was the first of these new Commanders;
  • New Upgrades will be coming that can only be obtained if you earn them, players will not be able to buy them;
  • There will be new types of armament added into the game, no details were shared;
  • Co-Op battles were created as a training ground, Wargaming didn’t expect players to like it so much;
  • Halloween Mode was created based on the previous fact and it turned out to be a great success!
  • PvE (cooperative) missions will be coming in 2017;
  • Clans and Clan Battles will be introduced during 2017;
  • Game sounds and new features will be introduced into the game;
  • Players will be able to use any sounds they like for guns, for example laser guns instead of the normal ones (dynamic music and the ability to modify the sound files of shots, torpedoes etc…);
  • New explosion and other effects will come in 2017;
  • Graphics will be improved generally in the next upcoming updates;
  • Expect new ships, modes and events during 2017



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