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World of Warships: Datamined Balance Changes in the 0.9.3. client

These are straight from the oven boys and girls but the website gamemodels3d just brought up some balance changes happening with the Update 0.9.3. on current test ships and a few others.

HOWEVER, before I start talking about them, please keep in mind that these are ships in testing, balance changes are bound to happen so don’t lose your spaghettis on that, thank you.


Changes to test ships

Tier VIII European Premium destroyer Orkan


The surface detection range of the ship was nerfed from 7.02 km to 7.52 km.
Accordingly, the aerial detection range went from 3.05 km to 3.25 km and her firing penalty in smoke was brought to 2.69 km instead of 2.5.

Considering how good she was at simply eating destroyers alive, a little concealment nerf is overall not a bad thing.

Tier IX German cruiser Ägir


The main battery maximum firing range of the Ägir was nerfed from 18.5 km to 17.0 km.

Well… that one, I’m not really a fan of it because in high tier, having a ship like that with such a short-range isn’t really appreciable. Of course, people can still use the Gun Fire Control System Modification 2 but then, you lose reload time.

Tier VIII Soviet cruiser Tallinn


The AP shells of the Tallinn received a buff in terms of weight. They are now 114.66 kg heavy instead of 109.2 kg.

Long story short, she just got a tiny penetration buff of roughly 10 mm at all range.

The duration of her Surveillance Radar consumable was also buffed from 10 seconds to 15 seconds.

Would have preferred that they just remove the radar on her as well as on Riga and Petropavlovsk but so be it. At least, now it’s useful from more than a single volley.

Tier IX Soviet cruiser Riga


The Riga received a concealment nerf with the surface detectability range going from 14.24 km to 14.74 km.
According to this nerf, the air detectability range also went up to 8.28 km instead of 8.0 km and the firing penalty is now 9.32 km instead of 8.88 km.

Overall, it doesn’t change much to the situation with her being able to stealth radar without any issue so, that nerf isn’t really a big deal.

Her Surveillance Radar consumable received the same buff as the one of the Tallinn with the duration being extended to 15 seconds instead of 10 seconds.

Tier X Soviet cruiser Petropavlovsk


The Petropavlovsk received a concealment nerf with the surface detectability range going from 14.4 km to 14.9 km.
According to this nerf, the air detectability range also went up to 8.6 km instead of 8.3 km and the firing penalty is now 10.06 km instead of 9.02 km.

Her Surveillance Radar consumable was also buffed with the duration being extended to 15 seconds instead of 10 seconds.

She still has the capacity to stealth radar with a 300 m buffer zone so it’s not too bad and at least now, just like the others, the radar will now be useful for more than a single salvo.

Tier X French destroyer Marceau


No balance changes for her but the artificial doubloon price that was assigned to her was modified.

In general, this means that a ship is final and will be released soon. Will she be released with the update 0.9.3.? Time will give us the answer.

Other modifications

Tier V European destroyer Visby


Well for her, it’s more a bug fix than a balance change. As some might know, her main battery is currently bugged with the single mount reloading in 6 seconds while the twin mounts reload in 7.5 seconds.

In 0.9.3., everything is reloading in 7.5 seconds.

Tier IX Soviet battleship Zaraya Svobody

That copy of the Sovetsky Soyuz Wargaming added with 0.9.3. had her name changed from K.I.M. to Zaraya Svobody.

Just like the Asama (carbon copy of Amagi), I keep looking but I don’t see anything different compared to the original ship. We don’t know anything about what Wargaming are planning to test with these ships.

For the Impero (the copy of the Roma), I did some digging regarding the stats of her SAP shells.

The SAP of the Impero will start bouncing at 70° and will always bounce at 80°. These are the same ricochet angles as the Amalfi. As for the penetration, these shells have a 96 mm.

Don’t forget though, that stuff is still in testing. No need to go crazy on Reddit.

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