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World of Warships – Clans – New Options

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Hello everyone,

Ph3lan has shared more information of upcoming new options for clans. At the moment, Clans are in Beta and still being tested by the Community.

Source: World of Warships EU Forum

New options:

  • The clan list feature has been replaced with a clan search feature
  • Clan Features:
    • Clan description can now be added and edited
    • Clan tag color can be changed
    • Clan names and tags can be changed
    • These functions are available to Clan commanders and Deputy Commanders


  • Name and Tag change: Previous name and tag are reserved for 1 month after the change (subject to change). This reservation will be deleted, if clan changes name / tag again during this period.
  • The Clan Name and Tag change feature is currently free of charge – Exclusively during the Closed test. (Please not that this feature is not active yet, we will inform you guys when it comes on-line)
    • WARNING: This information is preliminary and subject to change
    • Final price tag for clan creation / name change will be similar to WoT: 2,500 doubloons
    • While current clan capacity is lower than with WoT, we are looking into increasing the capacity to match or even exceed the WoT clan capacity with further iterations of the clan system
    • We will keep you informed of all developments

Known issue:

  • If the clan edit/search window is opened and any chat window is active, any text entered in that chat window will be copied into the clan search/edit window. (basically, both windows catch the same text when you type)

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