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World of Warships Clan Wars: Player Fan Made Map

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World of Warships more elite players have been asking for a long time: When are we getting Clan Wars? With recent news about Clan activities being developed, some rumours about a Global Map being developed also started to spread.


No, this is Wargaming official World of Warships Global Map. While Wargaming might be developing a Global Map, if they are it’s still all inside their secret underground base, images of a Global Map shared recently aren’t more than a player fan project, where a group of Russian players are trying to develop a Global Map themselves.


While the project is new in World of Warships, this is very similar to what a World of Warplanes CZ Community tried to do a few years ago. Reports that $25,000 were allocated to this project, are also incorrect. The value is what the players are asking for in order to be able to do it, in fact they are actively looking for a sponsor.


Maybe we will see a Global Map for World of Warships in the future, but for now any information out there is just about this project and nothing official.

Source: World of Warships CIS Forum

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  1. I remember the WoWp player-run global map. For me, it was chaotic at best, I don’t know how others experienced it.

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