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World of Warships Christmas Giveaway

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Commanders, it’s almost Christmas time and Santa Ships are heading your way! This year I’ve three different giveaways for all of you, two are Global and one is just for EU players. Plenty to pick from and quite good gifts too, so enter them all or just the one you would like to win!

But before I let you sign in to them, I would like to thank Wargaming for sponsoring the Global Christmas Code and Global Christmas Packs giveaway! With that said, what are you waiting for?


Global Christmas Code Giveaway

Global Christmas Code Giveaway

EU Christmas Giveaway

EU Christmas Giveaway

Global Christmas Packs Giveaway

Global Christmas Pack Giveaway

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  1. No it’s fake… of course it is legit. I’ve done several giveaways before.

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