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World of Warships: Changes to the Armory

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Wargaming recently announced a few changes to the Armory that are quite worth highlighting. May it be if you want to grab a ship before it gets removed or if you want to get ready for new ships, here they are:



starting from Update 0.9.3, the following ships will no longer be available in the Armory:

  • Soviet cruiser Smolensk, Tier X;

  • French battleship Jean Bart, Tier IX;

  • Soviet destroyer Neustrashimy, Tier IX;

  • American cruiser Flint, Tier VII;

  • American destroyer Black, Tier IX.

Smolensk and Jean Bart have become very popular on their Tiers. However, in order to maintain the diversity of team compositions at a proper level, these ships will be removed for an undefined time, but may return in future.

Due to the different reasons Neustrashimy, Flint, and Black are not very demanded for steel now and thus they won’t be available for Steel, but not earlier than in half a year they will return to the Armory, where they will be obtainable in exchange for Coal.

We understand that accumulating resources for ships is a long process, which is why we wanted to warn you in advance, so that those interested can steer these ships into their Ports before Update 0.9.3 goes live in approximately two months.

Additionally, we would like to give you heads-up on upcoming ships:

  • French destroyer Marceau, Tier X. Will be available for Coal;

  • Japanese battleship Yashima, Tier X. Will be available for Steel;

  • Japanese destroyer Hayate, Tier X. Will be available for Free XP;

  • European destroyer Smaland, Tier X. Will be available for Free XP.

The exact Updates and the amount of required resources will be announced later.

So yeah, if you want a Jean Bart or a Smolensk (or both), you have a bit more than 2 months to get the necessary coal for them. I knew that they would remove the Smolensk from the Armory quite soon since… well the ship is indeed pretty damn popular due to her low skill floor and because spamming 16 shells every 4 seconds can be quite fun. I just didn’t expect it to happen that soon.

For Black and Neustrashimy, I can understand the decision because while these ships were quite unique (especially Neustrashimy), they still had to compete with things like Bourgogne or Stalingrad. In the end, anyone would prefer the big and strong ships to these 2.

Regarding the upcoming new ships, unless Hayate gets buffed, I will definitely tell you to keep your Free XP for Smaland. The ship is decent but certainly not worth what will most likely be 1.5 million Free XP. Smaland, on the other hand, is, in my opinion, a great destroyer hunter.
Marceau is basically the perfect child of Kléber and Colbert. Shouldn’t have let these 2 alone with a nice bottle of champagne.
For Yashima… well first we have to test her to judge. I’m happy though, called it that she would be for steel.

I don’t know when all of these ships will arrive but you can already start farming coal as well as Operation Narai for the Free XP.

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