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World of Warships: Changes to Soviet battleships, Georgia, Indomitable and Yoshino

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Ladies and Gentlemen, I salute you. With the update 0.8.3 slowly approaching, the different ships in testing received various changes to their performances. Let’s have a look at them.

Changes to the Soviet battleships, Georgia, Indomitable and Yoshino

Changes to Soviet battleships



Soviet battleship Kreml, tier X:

– Armor of deck and stern armor belt is increased from 50 to 60mm;
– Penetration of AP shells is lowered;
– Torpedo protection increased from 29% to 46%;
– Removed the option of installing the Gun Fire Control System Modification 2;
– HP of main caliber turrets increased from 20 000 to 40 000;

Soviet battleship Sovetsky Soyuz, tier IX:

– Armor of deck and armorbelt above the casemate is increased from 40mm to 60mm;
– Penetration of AP shells is lowered;
– Torpedo protection increased from 21% to 35%;
– Removed an option of installing the Gun Fire Control System Modification 2;
– HP of main caliber turrets increased from 20 000 to 40 000;

Soviet battleship Vladivostok, tier VIII:

– Penetration of AP shells is lowered;

New penetration values will increase the combat efficiency at close and medium distances, but lower at long ranges. Also it will reduce the number of over-penetrations.

These armor adjustments are made to help these ships feel more comfortable at close and medium ranges and allow them to better resist HE shells of cruisers with improved penetration. Torpedo protection is improved to allow soviet battleships stay on the first line of engagement longer, even if enemy destroyers are nearby.

These ships have their turrets damaged more often due to fighting on close ranges, thus the amount of HP is increased.

Because of unique dispersion ellipse, upgrade for firing range was significantly weaker than other options and was removed.

Soviet battleship Slava, tier X:

– Deck armor and stern armorbelt thickness is reduced from 50 to 32mm;
– Sigma is increased from 1.7 to 1.9;
– Main guns firing range increased from 20.7 to 24.7;
– “Repair party” consumable number of charges increased from 2(3) to 3(4);
– Standard for battleships “Damage control party” consumable is given.
– Accuracy parameters changed.

Considering Slava is more of a standard battleship, her consumables, accuracy and firing range are set closer to those of her classmates. At the same time, armor was lowered, since it would grant the ship excessive protection.

New accuracy settings will be the Slava’s feature: on close ranges it will be worse than of other battleships, but will be better than classmates’ on longer ranges.

Sooo… the Russian battleships at high tier just received one serious survivability nerf. The Kreml and Sovetsky Soyuz’s middle sections are now fully immune to any cruiser HE shell unless you decide to use Inertia Fuse for HE on your Hindenburg or Super-cruisers (please don’t do that.)
On top of that, their torpedo protection was significantly increased and the HP pool of their turrets as well… Boy now that will take some time to bring these ships down if they don’t give you broadside.

As for the AP penetration nerf, they are nerfing the krupp value on all 3 ships:

Vladivostok: From 2430 to 2300
Sovetsky Soyuz: From 2430 to 2300
Kreml: From 2450 to 2200

Overall, it’s not that big of a nerf. Their AP will still hurt a lot no matter the range.

As for the Slava, the changes are quite interesting and even though the ship now has a 32 mm deck, don’t worry, she will still do more than fine if she has to tank.

Changes to Georgia



American battleship Georgia, tier IX:

– Main guns firing range lowered from 21.04 to 20.04 km;
– Secondary guns firing range is increased from 6 to 7.5 km;
– Secondary guns reload time is reduced from 6 to 4 s;
– “Engine boost” consumable is added: action time 180 s, maximum speed +15%, reload time 120 (90) s, 2 (3) charges.
– An option to install “Engine boost modification I” is given;
– “Repair party” values are changed:
– HP/s restoration is lowered from 0.66%/s to 0.5%/s
– Reload time is lowered from 120 (80) s to 60 (40) s.

Georgia was designed to fight at long ranges, but testing showed that good accuracy only compensates for a low amount of guns, but doesn’t sufficiently qualify as a feature of the ship. Considering the ballistics and good speed characteristics, we made a decision to change the concept of this battleship to that of a more dynamic one. Georgia will feel most comfortable at medium distances. Good secondaries resembling those of Massachusetts, “Engine boost” with +15% to maximum speed and “Repair party” with low reload time will allow her to fight more aggressively.

Please, note that this is a concept and it may change during testing.

Ugh… I was so happy to have a balanced ship that wasn’t bringing more powercreep to the game… turns out other people thought that it wasn’t a good idea.
At least, the accuracy remains the same but for the rest, it’s basically a super Massachusetts which should be pretty fun. Then again, we will see when we receive it for testing.

Nerf to Indomitable



British aircraft carrier Indomitable, tier VIII:

– Aiming ellipse size of attack aircraft is increased:
– Inner ellipse size is increased by 24%;
– Outer ellipse size is increased by 42%;
– Amount of rockets hitting the inner ellipse is lowered from 75% to 50%.

Testing showed that attack aircraft were too effective against destroyers. Increasing the size of the aiming ellipse and accuracy changes will lower the damage done to destroyers, with almost no changes to interaction with other classes.

As I was saying in my review, the new Indomitable feels too comfortable to play and I would say that this nerf will help to fix that nicely.

Change to Yoshino



Japanese cruiser Yoshino, tier X:

New torpedoes added:
– Reload time: 167 s;
– Maximum damage: 20967;
– Speed: 62 knots;
– Range: 20 km;
– Detectability range: 2.5 km.

There are plans for the cruiser to have two types of torpedoes, and at the coming iteration we’re going to test a new variant: torpedoes with long range but high detectability.

Please note that the information in the Development Blog is preliminary.

I’m not sure if I need to laugh or cry. Sure, these torpedoes can be nice for area denial buuut… I question their use on this ship. Anyway, like for the rest, we will see during testings.

That’s all for now regarding balance changes for the test ships with update 0.8.3, thank you for reading this article.

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