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World of Warships – British Cruisers Pictures & Armour

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Hello everyone,

As per usual the Public Test seems to bring a preview of the next upcoming tech tree coming out, and the British Cruisers are no exception. I’ve downloaded the Public Test to take this pictures so you can have a preview of what’s coming up. Each ship as a picture with modules, armour and different points of view. Enjoy.

Tier I – Black Swan

Tier II – Weymouth

Tier III – Caledon

Tier IV – Danae

Tier V – Emerald

Tier VI – Leander

Tier VII – Fiji

Tier VIII – Edinburgh

Tier IX – Neptune

Tier X – Minotaur

1 thought on “World of Warships – British Cruisers Pictures & Armour

  1. Good post man. I was really interested in taking a look at these boats!

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