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World of Warships: Available Refund for the 2020 Santa Gifts

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Soooo… I think that some of you are aware of the pitchfork festival that happened with the Santa Gifts of this year. People weren’t happy about the fact that some ships have higher drop rate than others (even though in my opinion, you don’t need to come from the Ivy league to guess that it would be the case). I agree on something though, Wargaming are certainly not clean here as it should be stated directly in their article. Maybe one day, they will even share the drop rates, we are allowed to dream, right?

To damage control the whole situation, they published an official statement yesterday. In this statement, they explain that if you weren’t happy about what was in your Santa gifts, you can ask for a refund. HOWEVER, you can only refund entire bundles. If you bought a bundle of 20 Mega Gifts, you will have a refund for all 20 Gifts. If you bought 10 bundles of 1 Small Gift, you will be able to ask for a refund of each individual gift.

Wargaming's official statement


We’ve received a lot of questions and comments regarding 2020 Santa Containers, and we would like to clarify the situation.

As some of you noticed, certain ships in the containers have much higher drop rates than others. Santa Containers have worked like this since the very beginning, and until 2018 we even mentioned that peculiarity in the items description. After 2018 it was not present in the description anymore, as it was deemed excessive to the already detailed description.

We’re sorry that some of you are left disappointed by the Santa Containers this year. We know this is something that a lot of our players look forward to and the last thing we want is to see you upset approaching holiday season. Thus, we will do the following:

  • We will work on improving the next Santa event with the feedback and concerns you voiced.
  • Until Sunday, Dec 13, any player is eligible for a one-time refund request for the Santa Crates they purchased. Please refer to Customer Support if you would like to have a refund, and please note, in order to prevent longer queue times, all purchases you want to refund should be in one request. The refunds will be handled according to the normal procedure – the goods from the containers should still be on your account, otherwise, Customer Support will have to do a roll-back to restore them and process the refund.

Regardless of whether you were considering Santa Containers at all, we hope you will enjoy all of the holiday activities and gifts this year – stay tuned for more news on the upcoming celebration.

Thank you, good luck, and fair seas.

World of Warships team

For those like me who use the player support once every blue moon, here is where you have to go:

  1. Player Support
  2. Contact Support
  3. Payments
  4. Refunds and Wthdrawals
  5. Not listed

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