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World of Warships: Aircraft Carriers – Check out the Changes!

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Wargaming has announced the forthcoming Beta Testing for updated aircraft carriers. The life of aircraft carriers has not been easy in World of Warships, this has been covered several times in the past. In order to summarize every piece of information about the new in-game process, the reasoning behind it and its goals, please watch a special selection of developers’ comments.

Test participants will have a chance to check out the preliminary version of updated aircraft carriers, their initial balance settings, as well as revised commander skills and upgrades. You will also be able to test the updated AA defense mechanics from the perspective of ships that oppose the aircraft carriers in the game.

The test’s goal is to verify that the new game process will be favoured by most players, fix some drawbacks and mistakes, adjust the balance, and prepare the final version of the new iteration of aircraft carriers.

Various groups of players during different phases of the test will be invited. Wargaming will try our best to grant access to everyone, but they cannot guarantee it due to unpredictable technical limitations that may appear during the test.

In order to participate, you will need to download a special test client. All related information will be sent later, as well as login credentials and special forms to the email addresses linked to player accounts. More information soon!

IUpdated aircraft carriers have every chance of becoming the most significant change in the game since its release. We understand that this is a very exciting moment, but some of you might also be anxious about the associated risks. However, we are sure that everything will be fine thanks to your support, and that World of Warships will become better for all players, irrespective of which ship type they prefer.

Please Note
Important! The Beta Test client will only be available in English. All mails and questionnaires that will be sent to the test participants will also be in English. Thank you for your understanding.