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World of Warships: 0.8.2 balancing of test ships and overlapping AA nerf

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Ladies and Gentlemen, just before we receive the patch note of the update 0.8.2, let’s have a look at the different devblogs that arrived regarding changes that will be implemented with the update.

ST, changes for Yukikaze, Indomitable, Georgia

Japanese destroyer Yukikaze, tier VIII

Standard Engine Boost consumable is added, like that of Kagero

This destroyer couldn’t fully show it’s potential without Engine Boost. it will be easier to use it’s comparatively short-range torpedoes with this consumable.

British aircraft carrier Indomitable, tier VIII

  • Number of charges for the “Patrol fighters” consumable is increased from 3 to 4 for all aircraft types;
  • The starting number of planes is increased: from 9 to 12 for attack aircraft; from 6 to 8 for bombers
  • Bombers get the same bombs used by Implacable

In high-tier battles, the aircraft carrier quickly lost its planes and had no reserves to fill the squadrons. To improve the efficiency of this ship in such situations, the number of available planes is increased. At the same time the damage of bombers is lowered to balance the Indomitable’s damage in battles against tier VI and VII ships.

American battleship Georgia, tier IX

  • The dispersion ellipse size is reduced for main caliber guns
  • Sigma is reduced from 2 to 1.8
  • Accuracy of secondary guns is lowered

New accuracy settings are implemented to compensate for a small number of guns and to designate it’s role as a far-range ship.

Please note that the information in the Development Blog is preliminary.

Yukikaze is getting a buff! Buuuut… well it’s just an engine boost so while the ship will be more comfortable, it is not much. The torpedoes still force her to go close to be able to use them and when you are in a tier 10 match with lots of radar, you can start to cry. Also, the ship just remains a Kagero clone with nothing going for her.

For the Indomitable, the change is quite welcomed because when you are with a tier VIII CV with such a low reserve in a tier X match, you will be careful with every possible lose which in the end can get frustrating.

Now for the Georgia, things are already looking a bit more promising.
Before I see anyone yelling about it… NO, the sigma nerf isn’t the end of the world, far from that. The ship is now getting a dispersion close to the Graf Spee which means that overall, the dispersion will be much better.
Considering the fact that she only has 6 guns, it is quite welcomed. As for the dispersion of the secondaries, well… it was from the start quite irrelevant as the ship isn’t the kind that you want to throw into a brawl.

ST, Soviet battleships changes

I was planning to release the first impressions on the tier VIII and above Russian battleships but with that change here, it would have made them quite irrelevant.

Armor changes:

  • Knyaz Suvorov, tier III: upper deck armor lowered from 38 mm to 16 mm;
  • Pyotr Velikiy, tier V: fore and aft deck armor lowered from 38 mm to 19 mm; Aft end side armor lowered from 125 mm to 75 mm.

Due to their armor thickness, Knyaz Suvorov and Pyotr Velikiy could almost ignore cruisers’ HE shells. To deal damage to these ships with HE, the caliber of 230 mm and higher was needed, with the new parameters, lower calibers can penetrate their armor and deal damage.

  • Izmail, tier VI: casemate belt armor increased from 25 mm to 100 mm.

Izmail’s casemate armor belt didn’t allow her to fully utilise herself as a close range battleship, and changing the thickness of the armor will allow this ship to act more aggressively and effectively at distances that are comfortable for her.

Accuracy changes:

  • Knyaz Suvorov, tier III: sigma is lowered from 1.7 to 1.5;
  • Gangut, tier IV: sigma is lowered from 1.7 to 1.4

Low level battles usually take place at distances of 15 and lower km. In most situations Soviet BBs appear to be more accurate than their classmates. Changing the sigma allows this excessive advantage to be reduced, but it doesn’t affect the features of the dispersion ellipse.

Maximum firing range changes:

  • Knyaz Suvorov, tier III: maximum firing range for main caliber guns with the stock gun fire control system is lowered from 13.3 to 11.48 km;
  • Gangut, tier IV: maximum firing range for main caliber guns with the stock gun fire control system is lowered from 14.13 to 12.31 km;
  • Pyotr Velikiy, tier V: maximum firing range for main caliber guns with the stock gun fire control system is lowered from 15.15 to 14.55 km;
  • Sinop, tier VII: maximum firing range for main caliber guns with the stock gun fire control system is lowered from 16.15 to 15.79 km;
  • Vladivostok, tier VIII: maximum firing range for main caliber guns with the stock gun fire control system is lowered from 17.24 to 16.34 km;

Detectability range changes:

  • Gangut, tier IV: Detectability range by sea is increased from 10.62 to 13.62 km; Detectability after firing main guns in smoke is increased from 8.27 to 10.42 km; Detectability range by air is increased from 7.68 to 8.86 km.

Engine changes:

  • Pyotr Velikiy, tier V: engine reduced, thus lowering her maximum speed from 29.5 to 26.5 knots;
  • Sinop, tier VII: the researchable engine is removed. Maximum speed with stock engine is 27 knots.

Turret turning changes:

  • Knyaz Suvorov, tier III: turning angles for the near side turrets are changed. Now they can turn to face the opposite side;
  • Sinop, tier VII: turrets turning speed is lowered from 6 dg/s to 3 dg/s;
  • Vladivostok, tier VIII: turrets turning speed is lowered from 6 dg/s to 4 dg/s

These changes balance the ships in their overall performance, keeping their distinctive features?—?good accuracy on lower ranges and general effectivesness in close combat?—?intact.

Surveillance Radar consumable is removed from Vladivostok, Sovetsky Soyuz, Kremlin and Lenin. It’s effectiveness was very situational and it didn’t suite this branch.

“Fighters” consumable parameters are brought to the standard values: action time 60 s, reload time 135 (90) s.

Please note that the information in the Development Blog is preliminary.

So… I am very happy that they are removing the radar on the high tier ships. While the thing was situational, it was mostly situationally overpowered and that is just not good.

For the armor nerf on the Knyaz Suvorov and the Pyotr Velikiy, I also cannot complain considering how strong were the ships with that armor.
As for the sigma nerf on the Knyaz and Gangut… eh… Would have really preferred a reload nerf or even a reload nerf coupled with a smaller sigma nerf.
At least, the Gangut is getting the record of the lowest sigma of the game for a main battery.

Now, these range nerfs… I really don’t like ships with a short range and that was something I especially didn’t like on the Vladivostok and Sovestky Soyuz with the stock range. While their dispersion formula makes them pretty bad at engaging at long distance, being so limited in terms of targets that you can engage is a bit frustrating.

Finally, regarding the turret traverse nerf, I can’t really spit on it considering how good it was for ships like Sinop of Vladivostok. Maybe a nerf for theSovetsky Soyuz and Kreml/Slava too?

AA changes in update 0.8.2

Before I start talking about that change let’s clear one thing, there is no REALISTIC situation in the game where you would end up with the combination of the anti-air of 2 ships getting lower than the anti-air of one of the 2 ships alone.
If you are in a destroyer, for example, a Kagero and your AA attacks a squadron that is also in the anti-air area of a Minotaur, it won’t end up with the squadron taking less damage than if the Minotaur was alone. You are not screwing up the Minotaur because of that.

In this post we want to show how the non-linear addition of continuous AA damage from several ships will work in update 0.8.2.

The reason for the change was the fact that in update the AA damage was redistributed: explosion damage was reduced and continuous damage was increased. Before the release of if the player skillfully dodged the explosions, the squadron took almost no losses. Strengthening of the continuous damage balanced the interaction of 1 ship and a squadron, but the total damage from several ships was too effective: planes often could not make even one attack run being in the AA zones of 3–4 ships.

At the same time we can’t just reduce the AA damage of several ships, because then ships that are distant from the allies will become extremely vulnerable. To solve this problem, we implemented a non-linear addition of continuous AA damage.

Now continuous damage from several ships will be less than the sum of their damage, but still more than damage of any one of them.

Damage is always calculated the same way;

  1. The damage of the AA zones firing on squadron is determined;
  2. A reduction factor is calculated for each individual AA zone depending on the number of ships firing and their damage;
  3. Damage is summed up taking the reduction factor in consideration.

The most notable damage reduction is for ships with the same AA damage (0.89 for 2 ships, 0.83 for 3, 0.79 for 4). The more difference in damage, the less will be the reduction.

Let’s have an example: a squadron flies into the mid-range zone of Minotaur and simultaneously into the short-range zone of Shimakaze (signals, upgrades or Commander skills are not considered in this example). The continuous damage values for these zones are 1281 and 203, 1484 in total. For 2 ships with these damage values the reduction factor is 0.94. The resulting damage is 1397.

The factor may differ for each situation. Let’s have another example with smaller difference in damage: long-range zone of Henri IV (169) and mid-range zone of Khabarovsk (140). The reduction factor will be 0.89 and the total damage will be 275 instead of 309.

You can download the table from the link and experiment with different damage values

Yes, I know, it’s an AA nerf and I know how people tend to go mad about these but don’t worry, I was on the PTS testing that and when ships are blobbing, if a CV goes to strike them, he will still suffer hard.

That’s all for the big changes to test ships and about the new AA overlapping system.