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World of Warships 0.8.0 Supertest: Lunar New Year, Aircraft Carrier rework and more

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The first update of 2019 is one month away from us and it is time to look at what it will bring.

Aircraft Carrier Rework


First, let’s have a look at the recent Development Blog posts regarding the upcoming aircraft carrier rework that will hit the live version with the update 0.8.0 (and way too soon in my opinion)

Click here for the Development Blog post


In version 0.8.0 of the game World of Warships, the new aircraft carriers will be introduced. The update will significantly change the gameplay of the whole class as players know it, moving away from the specific controls and gameplay, that is currently more in the realm of real-time strategy games. The main goals of the changes are to:
– increase the popularity of aircraft carriers,
– increase the entertainment factor when playing them
– improve the balance in comparison to other classes.

More than 5,000 players participated in the testing of aircraft carriers. Thank you for your feedback and the time spent on tests. You have allowed us to find, and fix, a lot of bugs as well as improve some mechanics.

Anyone will soon be able to try the new CVs. Their gameplay is gradually taking its final form. In this post, we’ll tell you about a few recent changes implemented following test results.

The small opportunities of autopilot system is one of the reasons why players want to control the aircraft carrier independently and in parallel with the aircraft. It didn’t allow the ships to move in reverse, so if the aircraft carrier crashed into an island, then you had to spend a lot of time to get it back on the right course. We have improved autopilot for all classes of ships. Now, if the player puts a navigation point in the stern sector relative to the current course of the ship, the autopilot will reverse. Thus, by plotting points in the tactical map view, you will be able to remove the aircraft carrier from the collision with the island, without the need to return/recall your active aircraft.

We know that there are other situations in which some players would like to use a squadron and an aircraft carrier in parallel. However, at the heart of the new gameplay is the management of only one game unit at a time – predominantly an aircraft squadron. This condition is necessary for not spreading the player’s attention too thin in battle and reduce the current overload of micro management, making the class of aircraft carriers more accessible to everyone.

Another controversial point was the protection of the aircraft carrier from an enemy air attack. Players had to return the squadron, and only then, from the ?V, use the necessary counter measures, including the fighters call. Not all players used this opportunity. Often they were unable to react in time or they were not ready to lose control of their planes. To solve this problem, we are working on an automatic activation system of the relevant CV consumables when it is in danger.

Speaking about fighters. The time during which they chased plane, has been reduced. Now it will be easier to run away from them. During tests, the circle on the minimap showed the trajectory on which the fighters were patrolling. Players couldn’t figure out how far away from the fighters it was safe to fly. Now the circle will show the extreme boundary of the zone, the area within which your planes will be attacked. Thus, the working of the consumable “fighters” will become more obvious and understandable.

Balance is one of the hottest topics of discussion. It is important to understand that it is impossible to bring optimum balance to the final state of the class in the test environment, as players behave differently there than on the main server. That’s why, the work on the balance settings of aircraft carriers will continue after their release. Within a few months, you can expect numerous changes to the parameters of aircraft, including the number of units and their types. As is the case with the initial test of new aircraft carriers, here we will count on your feedback and support to assist us in the ‘fine-tuning’ process.

Thanks to our joint efforts, the class of aircraft carriers will soon get a new life in World Of Warships. Thank you!

Please note that the information in the Development Blog is preliminary.

The fact that Wargaming wants to bring the aircraft carrier rework to the 0.8.0 update is frankly a bad idea.
It is still relatively uninteresting to play, lacks any sort of real complexity and most of all, we are looking at a fair amount of patches to balance the whole system may it be for the planes themselves or the anti-air values.
This aircraft carrier rework is still basically in early-beta.

Now, as a way to make sure people will actually play the reworked aircraft carriers, a special event like the “Royal Navy” or the “In the Name of His Highness” will also be implemented with the update:

Click here for the Development Blog post

ST. «Fly! Strike! Win!» event

During the update 0.8.0 there is a new event in the game – «Fly! Strike! Win!» – which was dedicated to CV and «Lunar New Year».

There are 4 stages of the event. Each stage consists of 4 directives. Each Directive contains 6 to 8 tasks. There is a corresponding reward of camouflage, signal, «Lunar New Year» containers and even goal.

Rules for completing directives are similar to the Royal Navy event. After the completion of all directives, access to the Hall of Fame is unlocked, for which points can be earned in co-op, random, ranked, clan, scenario or special battles.

Please note that the information in the Development Blog is preliminary.

New Ranked Battle fused with Arms Race


With the first mitigated success of the Arms Race game mode, Wargaming worked on improving it and it is now coming back to the game as the next Ranked Battle Season.

This 11th season will be at Tier IX which is a bit debatable in my opinion considering that there will be ships like Musashi, Missouri, Jean Bart or Black. However, since the aircraft carrier will have only even-tier ships, you will not be able to bring aircraft carriers in Ranked Battles

With this new version, the following bonuses will appear randomly during matches:

– Reduction of ship detectability;
– HP recovery;
– Main battery and TTs reload speed bonus.

And new bonuses including:
– Consumable reload speed bonus;
– Improved maneuverability;
– The chance of fire changes.

The visuals were also improved since now, we will see the power-ups appearing as parachuted drops from planes.

As for the maps that will potentially welcome this new Ranked Battle season, they are as followed

  • Islands of Ice
  • Trident
  • Ridge
  • Warrior’s Path
  • Sleeping Giant

Fog Removal

The 0.8.0 update will bring an interesting change in the capacity to reduce the opacity of the fog in some maps. This might be useful for thing like thunderstorms during which the vision was… problematic on some maps.

Lunar New Year


As we enter the year 2019, in February will also start the year of the pig. On this occasion, we are getting activities to celebrate it. New special commanders, ship skins and much more.

New Unique Commanders

The update 0.8.0 will bring us 2 new unique commanders.


Dà Róng


Quán Róng

In terms of special skills, they will get the following bonuses:

Demolition Expert
The chance of fire on a target +3% (instead of 2%)

Survivability Expert
+400 HP for each ship tier (instead of +350)

While Demolition Expert might not be the best on Destroyers, you can’t go Da Rong way with this improved Survivability Expert. Also, I’m not sorry at all for this terrible joke.

Updated Dragon Port


The beautiful Dragon Port will receive for this occasion an overhaul with the introduction of night time, new sounds, a decorated landscape and improved water surface.

New Crates and New Camouflages


As usual, there are two kinds of Crates. One will be obtainable via in-game activities while the other will be available in the premium shop. Their exact content remains unknown.



As for the new camouflages, there is a total of 4 new permanent camouflages and also a consumable camouflage.




Huang He



Lo Yang






Consumable “Lunar New Year” camouflage


-3% detectability range by sea
-4% dispersion of shells fired by the enemy attacking your ship
+100% XP per battle
+50% Free XP
+75% Commander XP

New Patches

2 new patches are being added to the game

New Commemorative Flag


New Flags





Crown Colony of Malta 1943-1964


New Achievements

Winner of the “North” season of Clan Battles


Hurricane league clan


This wraps up this article everyone, I wish you a Merry Christmas as well as a Happy New Year in the event that there are no other articles coming before the start of 2019.

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  1. I really do hope WG will sell the Dragon Myokos next year, at least one last time. I missed out last year and regretted it. There’s just so few “lite up” camos and the dragons were one of them.

  2. With the CV rework being as bad as it is, hopefully it flops so hard that Wargaming just removes CVs from the game entirely.

  3. I cant believe it! They push through that half-baked CV concept, and they think that wont open the sht-storm… It WILL!! I played CV test and even the 3rd had issues… We are at the gate of the WoWs-Rubicon

  4. Nah, if you want to improve the game, remove destroyers. They are the real cancer.

  5. the CV Rework Is **** and has completely put me off the game if they put it in i think i will stop playing

  6. CV is like arty in WoT – are pretty hard to balance. DDs aren’t a problem.

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