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World of Warships 0.7.4 Supertest: Argentinian Cruiser Nueve de Julio

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World of Warships 0.7.4 Supertest has introduced what will be the first Argentinian Cruiser: Nueve de Julio. For now, it will stay indefinitely side by side with other US Cruisers with the name USS Boise until Wargaming is ready to release the Pan-American branch to the game.

USS Boise (CL-47) was a light cruiser of the Brooklyn class in the United States Navy. The cruiser was named for Boise, the capital city of the state of Idaho. Commissioned in 1938, she saw extensive service during World War II, taking part in fighting in the Mediterranean and Pacific theatres. Following the war, the ship was decommissioned in 1946 and lay idle until sold to Argentina in 1951. Renamed Nueve de Julio, the ship remained in service with the Argentinian Navy until 1978, after which she was taken to Brownsville, Texas and scrapped in 1983.

Nueve de Julio Preview

Nueve de Julio Pictures

Nueve de Julio Modules

Gun Fire Control System
Main battery


Engine 100,000 h.p.


152mm/47 Mk16

Nueve de Julio Stats


Maximum speed30.0
Turning radius810
Rudder shift time11.94
Engine Power100,000
Surface detectability range11.5 km
Air detectability range7.6 km
Detectability after firing main guns in smoke5.6 km

Main Battery

Guns5×3 152 mm
Reloading time10 s
Sigma2.00 (?)
Horizontal Dispersion137
Vertical Spread466
Horizontal Traverse Speed8
Vertical Traverse Speed11
Type of projectileHE
Alpha damage2 200
Alpha piercing HE25
Explosion size0.58
Burn prob0.12
Projectile speed812
Type of projectileAP
Alpha damage3 200
Alpha piercing HE0
Explosion size0
Burn prob-0.5
Projectile speed762

Secondary Battery

Guns?8×1 127 mm
Reloading time4.5
Horizontal Dispersion137
Vertical Spread466
Horizontal Traverse Speed60
Vertical Traverse Speed1
Type of projectileHE
Alpha damage1 800
Alpha piercing HE21
Explosion size0.44
Burn prob0.09
Projectile speed657

Air Defence

8 x 1 127 mm
Antiair aura0.58
Maximum firing range4.2 km
Reloading time5 s
4 x 4 40 mm
Antiair aura0.64
Maximum firing range3.5 km
Reloading time0.5 s
6 x 2 40 mm
Antiair aura0.68
Maximum firing range3.5 km
Reloading time0.5 s
8 x 2 20 mm
Antiair aura0.49
Maximum firing range2.0 km
Reloading time0.1 s


Slot 1
Slot 2
Slot 3

?Damage Control Party I

?Defensive AA Fire I

?Surveillance Radar I

?Damage Control Party II

?Defensive AA Fire II

?Surveillance Radar II

?Hydroacoustic Search I

?Hydroacoustic Search II

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15,466 thoughts on “World of Warships 0.7.4 Supertest: Argentinian Cruiser Nueve de Julio

  1. I don’t think an Argentinian tech tree will be released at all, but a Pan American is more likely. And from what I’m gathering (info) seems to be more than Cruisers 😀

  2. Would there be an “Admiral Belgrano” with her “Sea Cat” launchers?

  3. I don’t foresee guided missiles in the game.
    But what do I know?

  4. Pan America has a lot of ship to offers.
    There is a widespread belief that Latin American only have second ships (such as 9deJulio). But they also have a lot of unique ships. Build specially for these countries.

    A Latin tre could go like these

    1 Humaita
    2 Bahia
    3 O’ higgins
    4 ?
    5 Almirante Brown
    6 La Argentina
    7 Grau
    8 Vickers Venezuela mk24
    9 Vickers Venezuela mk26
    10 Vickers 1124 A

    2 Catamrca
    3 Serrano
    4 Duarte
    5. Antioquia
    6. Amazonas
    7. Greenhalg
    8. Nueva Esparta
    9. Williams
    10. 20 de Julio (this will be a beast)

    3 Minas Gerais
    4 Rivadavia
    5 Latorre
    6 Riachuelo

    25 de mayo
    and various argentine proyects)

    Also there are a lot of design abaible to make premiuns. from tier 2 to 10

  5. 20 de Julio is reason enough to have a Pan-America tech tree. That’s a Tier 10 that anybody with the slightest interest in gunboat DDs would grind the line out for.

  6. Missiles would be highly unlikely but Alouette III helicopters as spotting aircraft might not be as much of a stretch. Would also be interesting if they functioned differently than regular spotter planes, like maybe having longer duration but orbiting closer to the ship.

    At any rate I wonder why they’re using 9 de Julio instead of General Belgrano for this.

  7. You have forgotten at least three important vessels: Cruiser Tamandaré, former USS St. Louis (CL 49); CV Minas Gerais, former HMS Vengeance (R71) – Colossus cl***; and the CV São Paulo, former MN Foch (R99) – Clemenceau Cl***.

  8. I see you are a man who appreciate rate of fire Cal 😉
    You would also enjoy Williams and Nueva Esparta probably

  9. Tamandare was actually my first choice for the tier 7. But Helena is going to be in the US CL line so I choose something different. Nevertheless it fits tier 7 well.

    The Brazilian carriers i didnt know what to do. Both had an issue. The airfract they operated were too modern for the game.
    Anyway they could be in the game, but somebody with more carrier experience and able to speak portuguese could do a better apreciation of the way to implement it

  10. Rio de Janeiro / Agincourth is a good choice from a premiun tier 5. But it can go for 3 different countries. In the meantime i choose Latorre. But We can put rio de janeiro as premiun tier 5

  11. Thx for the reply, buddy, I appreciate that.
    Yes, the Airplanes would be a problem. In the second war, the Brazilian pilots flew a lot on the P-47D. But in terms of naval aviation, WG would have to use its creativity, but certainly using American aircrafts like the Grumman F6F Hellcat IMO.

  12. May be if we equip them with argentine corsairs. After all is joint tree.

    Anyway Southamericna carriers are really a long way into the future. First weneed to see english carrier tree.

  13. Well, the Sea Cat are pretty short-range missiles; basically they have range of 5 km max, so they are basically very accurate short-range AA.

  14. I toyed with the idea of combined minor maritime powers tree…

    Eventually it looks like that:

  15. I toyed a bit with the idea of combined minor maritime powers tree…

    The BB list looks like that:

    Tier 3 – Espana (Spain)
    Tier 4 – Viribus Unitis (Austria-Hungary)
    Tier 5 – Rio de Janeiro (Brasilia, those who became eventually RN Agincourt)
    Tier 6 – Latorre (Chile)
    Tier 7 – Vicker’s “Richauello” (Brazil) with 5 x 2 x 15-inch guns.
    Tier 8 – british proposal of 35000-ton battleship for Turkey, 1936. It was ***umed to be more lightly armored version of KGV with twelve 14-inch guns.
    Tier 9 – Spanish version of “Littorio”, with DP secondary artillery (the Spain actually wanted to build a pair of them under license)
    Tier 10 – well… currently nothing)

  16. I think there is enought material to make both a panamerica battleship line and a paneuropean battleship line.

    For Paneuropa
    3- España
    4- Viribus Unitis
    5- Sultan Osman-? Evvel (agincourt again)
    6- Erzat monarch
    7- turkey KGV
    8 – spanish Littorio
    9- empty
    10- empty

  17. I’m trying to find a delicate way of saying “because the RN has torpedoes, and Argentines have knives,” but I’m just not quite coming up with anything. I guess I’ll have to just be blunt about it, then.

    They’re not going to step in a minefield by using General Belgrano, because JFC ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Every time she appeared in game she’d be an instant target for every Royal Navy torpedo in the battle, and then you’d have a howling mob of pissed-off Argentines.

    WG wants to gain customers in Latin America, not piss them off.

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