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World of Warships 0.7.2 Supertest: Soviet Cruiser Varyag

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Varyag, was a Russian protected cruiser that became famous for her crew’s stoicism at the Battle of Chemulpo Bay. It will be introduced in the game as a Premium Tier III Cruiser.

Varyag Preview

Varyag Modules

Gun Fire Control System
Main battery


??Propulsion: 21,100hp

?GFCS III mod. 1

?152 mm/45 Model 1892

Varyag Stats


Durability22,400 HP
Main Battery
Maximum Firing Range


152 mm/45 Model 1892?12 x 1 152 mm
Secondary Armament
Maximum Firing Range2,500
75 mm/50 Canet naval gun?12 x 1 75 mm
Maximum speed25.0 kt
Turning radius450 m
Rudder shift time8.64 s
Surface detectability range10.98 km
Air detectability range5.37 km

Main Battery

152 mm/45 Model 1892
Guns?1 x 152 mm
Reloading Time9 s
Sigma2.00 ?
Horizontal Dispersion116 m
Vertical Spread230 m
Horizontal Traverse Speed6 deg/s
Vertical Traverse Speed4 deg/s


Caliber152 mm
Type of projectileHE
Alpha damage2,100
Alpha piercing HE25
Explosion size0.52
Burn prob0.08
Projectile speed753 m/s
Air drag0.4468
Projectile mass49.76
Caliber152 mm
Type of projectileAP
Alpha damage2,700
Alpha piercing HE0
Explosion size0
Burn prob-0.5
Projectile speed792.5 m/s
Air drag0.51
Projectile mass41.4

Main Battery Placement & Sector Fire

Secondary Battery

75 mm/50 Canet naval gun
Guns?1 x 75 mm
Reloading time4 s
Sigma1.00 ?
Horizontal Dispersion116 m
Vertical Spread230 m
Horizontal Traverse Speed60 deg/s
Vertical Traverse Speed
1 deg/s


Caliber75 mm
Type of projectileHE
Alpha damage1 500
Alpha piercing HE13
Explosion size0.19
Burn prob0.04
Projectile speed823 m/s
Air drag0.455
Projectile mass4.91

Secondary Battery Sector Fire



Engine power21,100 h.p.
Forward engine up time40 s
Backward engine up time20 s


Slot 1
?Damage Control Party I
?Damage Control Party II


Slot 1
Slot 2
Slot 3

?Main Battery Modification 1

?Main Armaments Modification 1

?Damage Control System Modification 1

?Torpedo Tubes Modification 1

?Auxiliary Armaments Modification 1

?Propulsion Modification 1

?AA Guns Modification 1

?Magazine Modification 1

?Steering Gears Modification 1

?Secondary Battery Modification 1

?Aiming Systems Modification 0

?Defensive AA Fire Modification 1

?Torpedo Tubes Modification 2

?Hydroacoustic Search Modification 1

?Gun Fire Control System Modification 1

?Surveillance Radar

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  1. I don’t suppose they could get her out in time for the anniversary of the battle of Chemulpo Bay, which is today.

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