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World of Warships 0.7.12 Supertest: New Campaigns & Other Info

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As 2018 comes to an end, the World of Warships Update 0.7.12 is appearing at the horizon and it’s time to discover a bit more what this update’s content will be thanks to the datamined files.

New Campaigns

“Mighty Prinz”



This new campaign will allow you to gain New Year containers. This campaign will also bring T VI researchable ships equipped with a special new permanent camouflage as well as a permanent camouflage for the Prinz Eitel Friedrich.
It will be composed of 6 different missions.

“Steel Monsters”


This campaign will allow you to get camouflages, flags, secret Santa containers as well as steel!
It will be composed of 5 different missions.

New Collection “Belle époque”


This collection called “Belle époque” will consist of 16 items distributed in 4 categories :

New Achievements

A total of 5 achievements are being introduced. 4 for the campaigns “Mighty Prinz” and “Steel Monsters” and the last one is related to the new special event “In the Name of His Highness”

New Camouflage



New Patches and Emblem

New Flags







Viribus Unitis


Various other Flags

New Premium Account Types

With 0.7.12, an important change is made to the way the premium account works. Now 2 options will be available.

The standard premium account:


This version is the one currently used for the games and that is also affecting the other games from Wargaming.

The World of Warships premium account :


As the name says, this type of premium account will be specific to World of Warships but it is coming with an advantage compared to the standard version. Instead of a +50% bonus to the experience earned, it will be a +65% bonus.

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  1. wow… the unified prem acc was a bad thing to their economy i guess, Now we have to buy one special type of premium for each game so we can earn a tad more exp! xD

  2. Sooo, they will introduce the Tegetthoff-cl*** battleships to the game – I am curious if they place it in the german tree or would they start a pan-european tree

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