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World of Warships 0.6.8 Supertest Info #4

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Big thanks to our friends from SEA-Group for sharing this with us, all changes prior to July 12, have been implemented on client Conqueror still has her 457mm guns, with amazing maneuverability, concealment and recoverability.


There has been further changes that are currently being tested by Supertest 0.6.8, here’s the details:


  • Rudder shift time increased by 66.7% on both hulls, to 22.15s and 15.82s respectively.


  • Turret firing arc increased to ±143°.
  • Rudder shift time changed from 10.4s to 17.32s.

Graf Zeppeling

  • Auto drop spreading changed to 540 meters, this is the distance from the far most left and right torpedo. Manual drop spreading changed to 480 meters.

Other Aircraft Carriers

  • Lexington, Essex, Midway, Shokaku, Taiho, Hyakuryu’s extremity armor protection reduced from 21 mm to 19 mm.

Secondary Armament

  • Fiji firing range changed from 5.0km to 4.5km.
  • Chapayev, Hipper, Prinz Eugen and New Orlean’s firing range changed from 4.5km to 5.0km.
  • Henry IV, Zao, Des Moines and Hidenburg firing range increased to 6.0km.
  • Gneisenau and Scharnhorst firing range changed from 5.0km to 5.3km.
  • Bismarck and Tirpitz firing range changed from 7.0km to 7.5km.
  • Frederick de Gross firing range changed from 7.0 km to 7.6km
  • Grosser Kurfurst firing range changed from 7.0km to 7.7km.

Japanese Destroyers

  • Shimakaze main gun reload time changed from 6s to 5.74s
  • Torpedo Reload Booster that previously reduced the torpedo reload to 30s, now reduces it to 8s.

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  1. The Torpedo Reload Booster doesn’t reduce the reload by 8 s: it reduces the reload to 8 s.

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