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World of Warships 0.6.8 Supertest Info #2

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World of Warships Supertest 0.6.8 continues to receive changes and rebalances. Wargaming is still testing and making big changes to the Royal Navy Battleship branch, learning from previous mistakes like the Royal Navy Cruiser branch.

They want to make sure these are extensively tested before they are released and rumours say the Royal Navy Battleships might not come in 0.6.8, but this is still unconfirmed information.

As per usual, a big thanks to our friends from SEA-Group for sharing this information with us.

Please note the following information is from Supertest Server, meaning it’s not final and it’s subject to change without any warning.



  • 457mm guns were disabled, but it’s still unclear if they will be removed or now be an upgrade.
  • Conqueror configuration now uses 4×3 419mm main guns and dispersion was changed to keep in like with other British Battleships. Firing arc and range remain unchanged.


  • Surveillance Radar ranges increased from 8.5km to 9.9km, duration remains the same.
  • Surface detectability reduced from 13.86km to 12.7km.


  • Main gun reload time changed from 6s to 4.8s.


  • Main gun reload time changed from 5s to 4.5s.

Japanese Destroyers Changes

  • All Japanese Destroyers now use the same Torpedo Reload Booster, instead of two 30s/5sec variants. This new unified consumable will cut the torpedo tubes reload time by 8 seconds.

Soviet Destroyers Changes

  • Khabarovsk 53-59 mod 3 torpedo was removed, she only uses ET-46 torpedoes. Detectability was reduced from 1.1km to 0.6km for these torpedoes.
  • Grozovoi’s surface detectability was changed from 8.29km to 7.62km and it’s main gun reload time changed from 4.2s to 4s.
  • Tashkent (B) Hull hit points increased from 19,600 to 21,800.
  • Ognevoi (B) Hull quintuple torpedo reload time changed from 115s to 92s.

Global Changes

  • Damage Control Party Mod I and Spotter Mod I were moved to the first slot.
  • Engine Boost Mod I, Defensive AA Fire Mod I, Hydroaccoustic Search Mod I and Surveillance Radar Mod I moved to 4th slot (based on 6-slot).
  • Smoke Generator Mod I now -5% to the smoke life instead of -12%

New Commemorative Flags

Coast Guard


Battle of Villa Gulf


Collector’s Edition: Gallant


15,466 thoughts on “World of Warships 0.6.8 Supertest Info #2

  1. Wow.. The Indianapolis buff should make it a lot stronger, it could even become a viable choice for ranked.

    Step 1: slap radar mod 1 from the crates on it
    Step 2: load HE and find a way to sneak up behind an island near a cap
    Step 3: radar the sh*t out of 1/4 of the map whenever the ennemy starts to cap, keep stuff spotted for a painfully long moment.
    Step 4: ???
    Step 5: Profit.

    It’s a speculation, ofc. And it’s still squishy as hell.But its presence will make DD’s life even harder.

  2. Why make Conqueror just like Montana & G.Kurfurst? 4×2 18’guns can be interesting to play and challanging to face,why WG always disables interesting things?

  3. Engine boost Mod and hydro mod on the same slot? So basically removing the ability of the z52 to hard counter smoked up DDs

  4. Now WG made the Conqueror equal to Montana and GK. Seriously WG, u made something unique and now you’re gonna change it to sth that we already hv in the game?

  5. conqueror should get 4×1 800mm guns with 10 sec reload… and 33.3 km range! just for the lolz oh, those japs! they take all the goodies! put a bunch of 950mm torpedoes on the ship too, the 15km range ones…

  6. “This new unified consumable will cut the torpedo tubes reload time by 8 seconds.”

    This also HAS to be a typo. Pretty sure it should read, “reload time TO 8 seconds.” not “by 8 seconds.”

    By 8 seconds is completely worthless
    TO 8 seconds means two sets of torps in 8 seconds, like the current shiratsuyu i believe, which is actually useful and fits the ijn flavor of torps everywhere.

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