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World of Warships 0.6.8 Public Test

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The first session of the Public Test will be running from 06 July until 10 July. Keep in mind that this is a testing environment, and unannounced maintenance and patch deployments can happen at any time during the Public Test phase.

New PvE Scenario: “Dunkirk”

New in-game event called “Dunkirk”. We’ll offer you the first historic operation, a whole new collection, rewards, and even a new Port!

Operation Dynamo

You’re invited to join the new operation – Operation Dynamo – that was inspired by the events that occurred during the Dunkirk evacuation. The Operation will take players back to the period of the French campaign that unrolled in the vicinity of Dunkirk (Dunkerque), France. The Operation will be the most dangerous one yet: accompanied by allied forces, players are required to reach the rendezvous point and assist in the daring escape from shores of Dunkirk! Be warned, this area will be under relentless attacks including:

  • Air strikes;
  • High-precision fire from onshore batteries;
  • Torpedo boat attacks;
  • Even underwater you won’t be safe – minefields won’t let you catch your breath!

The Operation will be available to players who have reached Level 8 in their Service Record. We also give two special-purpose Tier V destroyers: the Cyclone (France) and the Anthony (U.K.).

Can you recreate the miracle of Dunkirk?

“Dunkirk” Collection

All new collection will be making its debut dedicated to the events of Operation Dynamo! The new collection consists of 16 miniatures of various military vehicles used in the operation. These collectables will be available in special containers. You will be able to earn these containers by completing series of special missions.

Quick Commands Revamped

Another new feature that will come with Update 0.6.8 is a Quick Command revamp! You will be now able to communicate more easily using a new radial chat panel, along with a significantly extended list of commands.

To use the Quick Command, simply press the “B” key and move your cursor over the appropriate text in the radial panel and release the key. Your command will be played to your team as well as displaying indication on your minimap and battle chats.

You may also cancel your Quick Command by releasing the key at the center of your radial panel.


In response to numerous requests from our players, we have decreased the chances of getting special upgrades in supercontainers and completely removed the credits rewards. Credits didn’t turn out to be a valuable reward because those amounts could be obtained more efficiently by selecting the “More Credits” containers.

At the same time, we added new ships, new sets of camo, and standard and special signal flags to supercontainers. All rewards will be described in detail in the full list of changes to be released with the update.

Balance Corrections

Japanese Destroyers

The Torpedo Reload Booster consumable is a unique and efficient instrument. For ship balance purposes, we changed the reloading time for the torpedo tubes mounted on certain Japanese destroyers carrying this consumable.

To encourage a more aggressive gameplay and to improve the competitiveness of that consumable against the Smoke Generator, the reloading time of torpedo tubes when this consumable is activated was reduced from 30 to 8 seconds for Kagero and Y?gumo.

For Akizuki and Shiratsuyu, a reloading time of 5 seconds turned out to be too efficient as compared to other same-tier ships. Therefore, the reloading time with this consumable activated was increased from 5 to 8 seconds.

For Shiratsuyu, the consumable was placed in the same slot with the Smoke Generator.

Soviet Destroyers

Ognevoi, Tashkent and Grozovoi failed to achieve the desired level of in-battle efficiency among same-tier ships and we, therefore, improved their performance characteristics:

  • Ognevoi: Reduced the torpedo reloading time from 115 to 92 seconds for hull B; reduced the torpedo reloading time from 69 to 55 seconds for hull A
  • Tashkent: Increased the number of hit points for Hull B from 19,600 to 21,800
  • Grozovoi: Reduced the standard detectability range from sea from 8.3 to 7.6 km; the reloading time of the main guns was reduced from 4.2 to 4 seconds

Khabarovsk: Unconditionally the strongest Tier X destroyer without any weaknesses in terms of fire power. In order to reduce the versatility of her roles in a battle, the ship will now carry only one type of torpedo armament – ET-46. The detectability range of torpedoes was reduced from 1.1 to 0.6 km.

Special Upgrades

In response to numerous requests from our players, we made a number of changes to special upgrades. Now, almost all special upgrades will appear in a different slot, and the Smoke Generator Modification 1 upgrade will now have a smaller reduction in smoke lifetime.

  • Surveillance Radar Modification 1 was moved to slot 4.
  • Hydroacoustic Search Modification 1 was moved to slot 4.
  • Defensive Fire Modification 1 was moved to slot 4.
  • Damage Control Party Modification 1 was moved to slot 1.
  • Spotting Aircraft Modification 1 was moved to slot 1.
  • Smoke Generator Modification 1 – smoke lifetime penalty reduced from 12% to 5%.

Changes in Ship Appearances, Maps, and Locations

We changed the appearance of the maps “Solomon Islands” and “Big Race”. These changes will not affect gameplay. On these maps, we enhanced textures and placed more natural objects on islands. Also, we reconfigured lighting.

We have also improved the appearance of Tier IX ships using special technology for better-quality rendering of thin elements (mostly the ships’ rigging).

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  1. Nice. Didn’t expect a historical battle to be here so soon. WG probably wouldn’t have bothered if Nolan didn’t make a Dunkirk film. Which really makes me wonder, would WG have prioritized on RN & German battlecruisers if there was a movie of Jutland last year?

  2. I was deeply disappointed that there wasn’t a special event or new ships for the centennial of Jutland last year.

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