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World of Warships 0.6.7 Supertest Info

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Inside Information from Supertest Server 0.6.7.

Supertest 0.6.7 has been up for a few days and now iBot4U2 has send me some inside information about what is currently being tested. Big thanks to him, as per usual, for sharing the information in order we can have an idea of what’s going on.

Please remember the following information is from Supertest Server and it’s subject to change before the final version is released. Supertest Server is intended for testing and some changes might never make it to the Live Server.

  • Nelson, Lion & Conqueror currently have the RN CL “Super heal” – this can lead to some hilarious situations where you regenerate 30k+ HP in with a single use. KGV has the regular BB heal (bug?).
  • Despite how she looks on paper, most STs tend agree that Conqueror feels quite overpowered in her current form.
  • Changes to the current Campaigns:
    • Science of Victory
      • Mission 1, Task 7 – Can now be completed in both Random and Co-op battles (was Co-op only).
      • Mission 8, Task 9 – Requirement lowered to 5 fires (was 10).
    • Honorable Service
      • Mission 1, Task 4 – Requirement changed to: Be the first to spot 1 enemy Destroyer in a Battleship (was: Be the first to spot 2 Destroyers in a Battleship).
  • STs on the ASIA server are trialing new procedures which, if successful are planned to be rolled out to all servers. The aim is to improve feedback quality and decrease burn-out among STs which has been on the rise over recent patches.
  • As part of current production testing of the HSF Harekaze/HSF Graf Spee/Enterprise & Gallant we are also testing an implementation of Personal Combat mission – missions that show up in the Mission screen but only for players that meet certain requirements or can be manually added to a players account.
    • It basically is your regular weekly mission / event that just keeps track of your base XP for certain test ships, because you get rewards for achieving a certain base XP threshold, which serves to encourage testers to spend more time on test ships.
  • New fire and smoke effects are being tested (early stages) .
  • No rework to the CV interface in the current build of ST0.6.7 as previously rumored.

15,466 thoughts on “World of Warships 0.6.7 Supertest Info

  1. HMS Rodney? Wasn’t it HMS Nelson? And if it is just a mistake, why super heal for T7,9,10 but not for T8?

  2. HMS Rodney is the Brother of HMS Nelson, so it might be that they already put Rodney as a premium ship with this bonus or vice versa. And as they are making changes if the Nelson cl*** gets better suited to levels 7 or 8, they should be keeping that bonus on it. Also may be the fact that the Nelson cl*** must have come with a citadel at the level of the ancient Montana and Iowa, so it is almost possible that they wanted to keep this characteristic in it to not see much rage.

  3. There was a small “error” there with Rodney, he came back to me and corrected saying it should be Nelson. Sorry about that.

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