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World of Warships 0.6.7 Supertest Info #2

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More information from Supertest Server 0.6.7, this time thanks to our friends from SEA-Group.

Decorative Flags

7th Ranked Season: Chatham Dockyard


Royal Military Chatham Shipyard was founded in 1567, and for four centuries on it built warships for the British Royal Navy. The symbol of a crossed trident and sabre comes from the elements of both the emblem of the dockyard itself and the coat of arms of Chatham.

7th Ranked Season: Pirate IV


Win out 6 ranked seasons to obtain this flag.

Premium Collection: Enterprise


In honor of the ships that served all with the name “Enterprise”, past, present, and future.

Premium Collection: Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya


Battleship October Revolution was in service for both the Russian Empire Navy and the Soviet Navy. She was the last of the four dreadnoughts of the Baltic Sevastopol-class battleship.

Premium Collection: HSF Graf Spee


School emblem of the «Wilhelmshaven Maritime High School». This is a German school that trains the Blue Mermaids, and a sister school of the «Yokosuka Girls Maritime High School».

Premium Collection: HSF Harekaze


The emblem of the Kagero-class training ship Harekaze. She belongs to the Yokosuka Girls Maritime High School, and is operated by the main character, Akeno Misaki. In the series, the ship is modernized and mounts advanced sonar and radar.

Corgi Fleet II


A brave participant of the Corgi Battle Fleet!

Supremacy League 1st Anniversary Participants


It’s been a year since its establishment, and you were there for the historic fights.

Supremacy League Season 4 Champions


It’s the one year anniversary of Supremacy League and the winners are you!

Forces Navales Françaises Libres


Les Forces Navales Françaises Libres were the naval branch of the Free French Forces during the Second World War. The FNFL were commanded by Admiral Émile Muselier.

Veterans: Family, Thanks, Home, Remembrance, and Valor


For Family, For Thanks, For Home, For Remembrance, and ultimately, For Valor


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  1. “7th Ranked Season: Pirate IV Win out 6 ranked seasons to obtain this flag.”

    So if i get this right from the description, you have to be 6 times ranked 1. But IV means 4…

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