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World of Warships 0.6.6 Supertest Information

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Hello everyone,

Some more information from Supertest 0.6.6, some information was sent to me by email by iBot4U2, and some was send by our friends from SEA-Group.

Ship Changes

USS Kidd

  • Consumables changed.
    • Was:
      • Slot 0: Damage Control
      • Slot 1: Smoke Generator
      • Slot 2: Engine Boost
    • Now:
      • Slot 0: Damage Control
      • Slot 1: Smoke Generator
      • Slot 2: Repair Party
      • Slot 3: Engine Boost/AA Defensive Fire

La Galissonniere

  • Main gun reload time changed from 10s to 9s.

De Grasse

  • Main gun reload time changed from 7.5s to 8.1s.


  • Hangar capacity increased from 78 to 96.
  • Torpedo Bomber Squadrons use new attack formation.


  • 13mm armour plate unified to 19mm.


  • Received a new Honorable Veteran permanent camouflage.


  • Farragut, Mahan, Sims, Hatsuharu, Fubuki, Shinonome, Akatsuki, Shiratsuyu’s armored decks are unified to 16mm.
  • Benson, Lo Yang, Fletcher, Kagero, Harekaze, Yugumo, Shimakaze’s armored decks are unified to 19mm.
  • Harekaze’s 127mm/54 AP Mk42 penetration is reduced by 25%. Now it’s penetration is ~126mm at 5km. Lo Yang’s Mk31 torpedo range is increased from 6km to 6.7km.
  • Lo Yang’s hydroaccustic search range is increased from 3.48km to 5.43km vs. ships; from 2.52km to 3.75km vs. torpedoes; duration remains unchanged.
  • Yugumo can now equip Type93 mod.3 torpedo.

German Cruisers

  • 150mm HE shell penetration is increased from 25 to 38.
  • 203mm HE shell penetration is increased from 34 to 51.
  • 210mm HE shell penetration is increased from 35 to 53.
  • Nurnberg’s 2nd and 3rd turrets can now rotate 360°.
  • Hindenburg is now completely immune to HE splash detonation.


  • All types of aircraft can now be detected by ships at 8km, and can be detected by planes at 7km.


  • Firing arc of the port side torpedo tube increased by 10° to make it symmetry with the one on starboard (was asymmetry).
  • Firing arc of mid-ship torpedo tubes increased by 12°.


  • A good portion of 10mm armor plate is buffed to 13mm.

New Mexico

  • Vision radius increased from 21.1km to 22.4km.

Decorative Flags

Dragon Boat Festival 2


  • The Chinese character in the flag has been changed.

The Battle of Midway


  • The Battle of Midway took place between 4 and 7 June, 1942. It was one of the biggest naval battles of the Pacific.

Loot Boy


  • Go on and grab your loot!



  • For those who gave for their country, community, and family. Wargaming Appreciates Your Service.



  • Commemorative flag of a Moderator

Sea Smackdown


  • Commemorative flag for Sea Smackdown participants.

Great Marianas Turkey Shoot


  • A decisive victory involving the largest carrier to carrier fleet engagement in history.

De Grasse Premium Collection


  • Coat of arms for François-Joseph Paul, marquis de Grasse Tilly, comte de Grasse.

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