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World of Warships 0.6.5 Public Test

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Hello everyone,

World of Warships 0.6.5 Public Test is out and if any of you want to try out what is coming out next patch, this is your chance. Here’s what was published in the official portal.

Public Test will run from May 2nd to May 10th.


Collections will appear among the major changes to be added to the game with the release of version 0.6.5. Now, you can earn unique collectible cards, fill your card album, and build a complete collection that will bring you a special reward!

The first collection that will be available for players – The Hunt for Bismarck – will contain items that constitute badges of the key participants of this landmark World War II operation. The first collection will consist of 24 elements each of which may appear – with equal probability – in special containers. Containers that will help build the entire collection will only become available for completed missions within The Hunt for Bismarck campaign.

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The Hunt for Bismarck Campaign

The first historic campaign – The Hunt for Bismarck – will be added to the game with the release of version 0.6.5. Take part in one of the grandest naval operations in the North Atlantic, earn unique rewards and decorate your ships with a special camouflage.


Within the campaign about events in May 1941, seven missions, each including eight tasks based on the remarkable naval operation history, will be available. Take part in the Rheinübung operation, revenge the British battleship Hood destruction, involve ships of different types in the battle against German raiders and attack enemy ships with torpedo bombers. All these and many other things are prepared for you in the Hunt for Bismarck campaign!

For each completed task, players will receive a special container that will be available only for the duration of the campaign. Apart from collection items, special containers may contain unique signal flags and exclusive camouflage.

New Camouflage Type

A new camouflage type has been added to the game. This Camouflage provides the same effects as a regular camouflage but can also change the ship exterior model.

User Interface

The section of the user interface dedicated to campaigns was reworked as well.

  • Mission carousel was added to the campaign window to make the transition between any selected tasks faster and more comfortable;
  • New campaigns will be now shown on the top along with a special mark;
  • By clicking on the “Collect reward” button, players may access the previously completed tasks;
  • By placing your pointer on top of “Collect your reward” button, you will be able to see the obtainable rewards;
  • You may now push the ESC key to return to Port menu at any time while in the Campaign window;
  • You may now select to activate a task by double clicking the menu;
  • The Hunt for Bismarck campaign contains descriptions of historic events for each mission as well as for the entire campaign;
  • Pins that were issued to player for successful completion of tasks have been replaced with stars.

A new option to enable/disable collaboration / unique content (ex. Dragon ship, ARPEGGIO ships…etc.) has been introduced to the game. This option can be found above the ship carousel:

  • You may now configure how you display special collaboration / unique warships in your game client.
  • Upon disabling collaboration / unique content, these ships will be shown as their regular tech tree counterpart on your Port menu.
  • Also upon disabling collaboration / unique content, commanders on the collaboration / unique warships will be displayed as a regular commander. However, these commanders can only be assigned to the collaboration / unique warships they can originally be assigned to.

Apart from that, all Signal Flags will now be divided into three groups:

  • Economic
  • Combat
  • Special

New special Signal Flags are now available in the game:

Name Properties
 Wyvern Credit +50%
 Red Dragon XP +100%, Commander XP +100%
 Ouroboros Free XP +777%
 Hydra XP +50%, Commander XP +150%, Free XP +250%