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World of Warships 0.6.3 Changes Summary

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Hello everyone,

There has almost no information about 0.6.3 Supertest that is running at the moment. From what I’ve been told, it seems Wargaming changed servers and the usual suspects that share this information with the rest of us, aren’t able to get it… But it seems SEA Group was able to data mine some information out. As per usual, I can’t confirm how accurate this information is, so please do take it with a grain of salt. Wargaming wants to eliminate stealth firing and they seem to be changing the range of several warships, which will be linked to the maximum range of each ship.

Source: SEA Group

Please remember the following information is from the Supertest Server and it might be changed before the final version is released or even might not even be introduced.

  • Dunquerque Catapult Fighter increased from 6 to 7;
  • Dunquerque Catapult Fighter HP increased from 1180 to 1350;
  • Dunquerque Catapult Fighter DPS increased from 45 to 51;
  • Weymouth basic range increased from 9.76km to 10.58 km;
  • Umikaze basic firing range buffed from 6.72 km to 8.03 km.
  • Isokaze basic firing range buffed from 8.3 km to 9.73 km.
  • Kamikaze basic firing range buffed from 7.62 km to 8.68 km.
  • Minekaze and Mutsuki basic firing range buffed from 6.92 km to 8.11 km.
  • Hatsuharu basic firing range buffed from 8.43 km to 9.85 km.
  • Fubuki basic firing range buffed from 9.05 km to 10.47 km.
  • Akizuki basic firing range buffed from 9.23 km to 11.33 km.
  • Shimakaze basic firing range buffed from 9.81 km to 11.37 km.
  • Mikasa basic firing range buffed from 9.51 km to 11.82 km.
  • Kawachi basic firing range buffed from 8.87 km to 9.88 km.
  • Myogi Hull A+B : Basic firing range buffed from 13.88 km to 16.95 km.
  • Myogi Hull C : Basic firing range buffed from 16,86 km to 16.95 km.
  • Myogi detectability range by sea decreased from 17.1 km to 16.56 km.
  • Ichizuchi basic firing range buffed from 12.9 km to 15.3 km.
  • Ichizuchi detectability range by sea decreased from 16.56 km to 15.2 km.
  • Nagato basic firing range nerfed from 20.46 km down to 18.6 km.
  • Tenryu basic firing range buffed from 9.98 km to 11.24 km.
  • Kuma basic firing range buffed from 11.23 km to 11.67 km.
  • Furutaka basic firing range buffed from  11.79 km to 12.62 km.
  • Albany basic firing range buffed from 8.47 km to 9.17 km.
  • St. Louis basic firing range buffed from 9.5 km to 11.32 km.
  • Phoenix / Marblehead basic firing range buffed from 12.46 km / 12.65 km to 13.88 km.
  • Omaha Hull A + B : Basic firing range buffed from 11.5 km to 13.83 km.
  • Omaha Hull C : Basic firing range buffed from 13.46 km to 14.5 km.
  • South Carolina basic firing range buffed from 10.21 km to 14.24 km.
  • Wyoming / Arkansas Beta basic firing range buffed from 10.96 km (Wyoming hull A) / 12.79 km (Wyoming hull B) / 12.06 (Arkansas Beta) to 14.38 km.
  • New York / Texas basic firing range buffed from 14.16 km / 15.58 km to 16.4 km.
  • New Mexico basic firing range buffed from 13.58 km to 14.62 km.
  • Colorado basic firing range buffed from 15.18 km to 17.12 km.
  • Hermelin basic firing range buffed from 7.79 km to 8.96 km.
  • Dresden Basic firing range buffed from 8.11 km to 9.92 km.
  • Kolberg basic firing range buffed from 8.27 km to 10.08 km.
  • Nassau / Konig Albert basic firing range buffed from 9.2 km / 10.84 km to 11.8 km.
  • Kaiser basic firing range buffed from 13.3 km to 14.54 km.
  • Koenig basic firing range buffed from from 14.54 km to 14.99 km.

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